Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Isaiah 62:3 and a Video

Last night we all went to the fair, meeting my sister, her husband, and their little girl, and my parents. We had a blast laughing at those little girls! Reagan is fearless and will ride anything we let her ride. Gracen is not so fearless, but she did open up and ride some things as the night progressed. I hope to post a few pictures at some point during the week, but between bedtime and this morning, I just haven't had time to upload them yet. We didn't get home until 10:00. After giving the girls their baths, it was quite late when we settled into bed. Again, I'm tired, which seems to be a theme lately, and I am praying that those little precious angels will sleep late this morning.

Reagan is out of school one more day and we are either going to Pump It Up or the zoo. At bedtime last night, she said that couldn't decide and she would let us know in the morning.

My Bible verse for the day is a simple one... Isaiah 62:3
"You will also be a crown of beauty in the hand of the Lord, and a royal diadem in the hand of your God."

Isn't that a beautiful truth from God's Word? He loves us so much and thinks so highly of each one of His children. Most days, I don't feel beautiful and I don't feel like a treasure. That is because I have an enemy who is constantly saying..."Your not good enough. You will never amount to anything. You will never change. Your not pretty enough. Your are worthless. " Feel free to add your own worst thought to the list.

But then our God steps in and He says...."No, no, no my child....You are a crown of beauty to me. You are a royal diadem in my hand." As we talked about Sunday night, we have to choose what we are going to think about. We can focus on the lie that Satan wants us to believe or we can find beautiful truths in our Bible and focus on those. On those days that we feel ugly, Isaiah 62:3 is an awesome truth to put on a note card to carry around with you, and then read throughout the day.

This study is really opening my eyes to the fact that Scripture has to become my life. I can't just read a little 5 minute devotional and expect to be radically changed. I can't just go to church once a week and that be the only teaching I receive for the week. To rise above anxiety, fear, discontentment, negative thinking, etc., I have to stay in God's Word. Regardless of whatever "funk" I might be in, God has a counter truth that I have to rehearse, and rehearse, and rehearse until HIS TRUTH becomes my truth.

Emily Price and I were talking the other night at church and she told me about this beautiful video that was on the blog "Kelly's Korner". The song is "I Am" by Nichole Nordeman from the year 2005, but it is so powerful and so appropriate for our study. It follows a girl's life from the time she was in her mother's womb all the way to the grave, pointing out that during every phase of her life and every need that she has....God says, "I AM". Take 5 more minutes and listen to the words of this song. God is always with us. He loves us so much. No matter what you are walking through, God is your "I AM".

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