Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Missing in Action

I have been MIA again!

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving and an equally wonderful Christmas! We did deal with some sickness...a stomach bug that hit Gracen and then two weeks later hit me and Gracen again...we have all had some pretty nasty colds....and Gene threw his back out at the beginning of December and is still having a lot of pain in his hip and in one leg. But overall, the last month or so was wonderful because it is such a perfect time for family and worshiping our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I loved all of our family and church events and enjoyed some lazy days with my kids.

My blog is not going to be all that active in the next couple of months. I just have to much on my plate. I will soon be teaching 3 times a week and it is going to take all my "free" time to prepare those lessons.

I teach Jr. High girls for Sunday School every Sunday morning and will be starting a Bible study for youth girls on Monday nights at my house for those who might want to dig a little deeper into God's Word. I'm not sure if I will have any takers at this point but I do know that there is a desperate need for the teenagers of my church to learn some foundational truths about the God that they claim to love and serve. I want to see a hunger and a desire for God that I have not seen up to this point. I am praying that God calls some teenagers out to be leaders among the others.

I will also be teaching some sort of Women's Bible study on Sunday nights...I guess....that too has been undecided at this point, but it is certainly my desire to teach something.

I want to pour in to people and disciple people more than I have been, but I still want to be the wife Gene needs me to be and the mommy that Reagan and Gracen need. This is the main reason that I don't work outside the home. God has given me a love to teach His Word and there is no way I could teach the way I would like if I worked all day long and then tried to fulfill all my other roles from approximately dinner time to bedtime....just won't work for me. I would be spread too thin.

Gene and I are also hoping to set up ongoing monthly service days with the Elmore County Food Pantry. I want to serve and be a part of a ministry like this that meets such a basic need such as food. What a great avenue to share the gospel and of course, we will be taking youth with us. I think this will be great for Reagan too!

Anyway, the blog takes time and it is just going to have to take a backseat for a while longer. I won't shut it down because there are times I just miss it!

Happy New Year to everyone! I pray it is a great year!!!

Until next time...whenever that might be.