Monday, September 6, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

I am tickled pink to say that I am typing this blog entry with my brand new computer. I love it! I cannot get over how fast it is and how much easier it is to use. I truly was working on an old dinosaur and didn't realize it? Well, I actually did realize it, but couldn't justify spending the money on a new one as long as the old one was "working"....and I do use the term "working" very loosely. Today I am thanking God that the old one bit the dust and that we were able to replace it. Gene is loving it too, and I told him he could use it occasionally if he asked me first. (Just kidding!) I love that this one has 3 ports so I can use 3 different devices and LEAVE them plugged in...all without losing my internet connection. Oh, it is the small things in life that bring the most pleasure, isn't it?

I realize that I haven't posted pictures in a while and I will as soon as I figure all that out. I don't think it will be hard. I just haven't downloaded my camera software yet to try it. Give me a few days and I will post some current shots of the girls.

We have had a nice Labor Day weekend so far.

On Friday night, we kicked off the holiday weekend with a family movie night. I cannot tell you how much Reagan loves this. We told her on Thursday that we were going to have one and on Friday morning when I woke her up for school, she rolled over and mumbled, "Family movie night". I didn't even get a good morning. I went and bought a new movie and surprised her with it when I picked her up from school, and it just about killed her to wait until Gene came home from work. After dinner, baths, and putting Gracen to bed, we finally blew up the air mattress, popped popcorn, poured the Sprite, and settled in for cozy night.

On Saturday, Gene did yard work all day long, so that left me to watch the girls. We basically hung out in the yard around him while he worked. I ran some errands after Gracen's afternoon nap, and then we settled in to watch some football. Gene requested taco soup for the first "Football Saturday" so that is exactly what he got.

I am so glad that football has started. It signals fall, which is my favorite season. I love the cooler weather, pulling out my fall clothes, making smores in the fire pit, family activities like the Pumpkin Patch, football games, etc. It is a great time of the year.

On Saturday night, Reagan started complaining of pain while she went to the bathroom. She woke up 3 times in the night and said it burned when she tee-teed. On Sunday morning, my pediatrician met us at his office for a urine sample. She was diagnosed with her first urinary tract infection. We are on an antibiotic and she is already feeling better.

I missed worship on Sunday morning because I was at the doctor with Reagan. We all took naps Sunday afternoon and then we took Gene's mom out to eat on Sunday night because we didn't have evening services. We had a great time just hanging out and talking. Gracen actually sat in her high chair and let me eat. That is always a good thing.

Today, Monday, we are spending the entire day at home. We have cooked out on the grill for lunch and we are cooking out again for dinner, with Gene's family joining us for hamburgers.

The down time has been really nice.

I hope you are enjoying your Labor Day Holiday as well.

Until next time...

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  1. Hope Reagan is feeling better. Hate that she got sick over the weekend.