Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Quick Hello

Sorry I missed my usual weekend wrap-up on Monday. I have been busy preparing for the kick-off of momMEtime, EMBC's ministry to moms. For the last few days, I have been doing one thing or another to get ready for that meeting. I was making sure all my ducks were in a neat little row in the area of food, childcare, decorations, reminders, running copies, etc.

All the effort was worth it. We had 20 moms today, our largest group ever, and everything went so well...Praise the Lord! Childcare is always a little hectic and this morning was no exception, but hopefully that will be a lot smoother next month now that everyone knows where their child should go.

Our Bible study material is being taught by Joy Williams and comes from the book Real Moms, Real Jesus. The lesson was entitled "Help! Everyone Wants a Piece of Me!" Mrs. Joy did a fabulous job teaching the Word, honestly sharing her successes and her struggles as a mother, and encouraging us to go to Jesus for every single thing that we need. I just love her sweet spirit and pray that I raise two godly daughters, just as she has done. She shared a quote that really stuck with me...."Don't ENDURE motherhood, ENJOY motherhood." Too often I feel like I am just enduring motherhood...trying to make it to nap time and then to bedtime. I don't want to feel that way. I was reminded today to enjoy my children because the time with them does go by so quickly. Mrs. Joy also reminded me that motherhood is about serving the people in front of me, my husband and my children, and that motherhood is the ministry of interruptions. My schedule, my best laid plans, will be interrupted everyday by the needs and desires of my children, but I should never view them personally as interruptions. They are my ministry. Those words change the way I view my girls. We also received a strong call to connect with Jesus Christ everyday through Bible study and prayer. He is our lifeline! Without Him, we will start to run on fumes and running on fumes isn't good for anyone.

I loved our momMEtime meeting today. The best part is the fellowship among all the moms. I have made some great friends due to this ministry and look forward to hanging out with them each month. I loved the small group prayer time, covering each other's needs in prayer. I also loved the delicious food...just saying.

Well, I just wanted to pop on and let you know what has been going on in my world.

Until next time...

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