Saturday, September 11, 2010

Callaway Gardens

I wanted to share a few pictures from our overnight trip to Callaway Gardens in honor of our 15th wedding anniversary. We had a fabulous time and the trip went by in a blink. Of course, we knew it would. We didn't do anything fancy. We just enjoyed a lot of down time, hanging out and talking.

The first picture is Gene taking a break somewhere along our biking trail. We rode for almost 2 hours, sometimes side by side talking and other times one following the other. There were also times that the trail would start to wind uphill and we had to push our bikes up. We are both out of shape, a realization that we discovered about 15 minutes into the bike trail. As tiring as this activity was, it was still a relaxing change from the busyness that we call life. The wooded trail was beautiful. It was also mostly shaded and there was a nice breeze...thank the Lord.

Here I am standing by a creek. Gene and I really got dressed up didn't we? I doubt you can really see the water that was trickling down the rocks. The sound was so relaxing, I could have put a cot right there and slept for hours.

Before dinner, we took a nap back at our room at the Mountain Creek Inn. We probably could have slept right through dinner, but we chose to go eat.

Here is a shot of my dinner. Gene got the same thing or I would have taken a picture of his plate too. We ate at the Vineyard Green and the food was delicious...the best I have eaten in a while.

The next day we toured Callaway Gardens. We started at their Butterfly Center.

Here is an inside view of the Butterfly Center. It was so beautiful inside. It contained plants, flowers, waterfalls, and over 1500 butterflies flying all around.

Here are two pictures of some of the beautiful butterflies. You could walk right up to them and they wouldn't even attempt to fly away. I guess they were very used to people.

Here we are together by one of the waterfalls.

We went to a show about birds of prey. Exciting stuff, I know! Here is a shot of the hawk. I will spare you all the pictures of the other birds...owls, vultures, etc.

Here is a picture of a beautiful chapel on the grounds of Callaway Gardens.

And inside the chapel...

This was our view as we ate lunch at the Discovery Cafe. It was cool enough and shaded enough to eat outside overlooking the lake. It was heavenly to eat without holding Gracen down in her highchair.

We spend the afternoon riding bikes and walking the trails.
The time away together was so nice. I wish we could go away together once a month...without the kids. A girl can dream right?
Thank you to my parents who kept Reagan. She had a wonderful time and was spoiled for two days. And thank you to Gene's parents who kept Gracen at our house so she could sleep in her own "environment". Both girls were very well taken care of, which allowed us to truly enjoy our trip.
Until next time...

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