Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sibling Rivalry

I don't know how well you can see the big welt on Reagan's arm. I can assure you that the picture doesn't do it justice.

Can you guess what happened?

Sweet little, docile Gracen bit her. I must admit when I heard Reagan scream out and then start crying, I was shocked to find out that Gracen had bit down on her arm and wouldn't let go. This is uncharacteristic for Gracen. She is not mean spirited at all. Come to find out, Reagan was being mean to her, teasing her in different ways. Reagan has discovered that it is fun to pretend to hand something to Gracen and then when she reaches for it, run away or snatch the item away. She will also call Gracen to her room and then shut the door right before she gets to the door. Gracen will cry and then I have to go and speak to Reagan about being kind. I guess on this particular afternoon, Gracen had enough.

I can't say that I blame her. Some days Reagan is so stubborn that, quite honestly, I would like to bite her too. Of course, I never have....and Reagan, if you ever read this blog in the future, I never will. I love you too much, baby girl to bite you.

In case you are wondering, I did discipline Gracen. I pointed to the bite mark and said "No biting" in a very stern voice, while tapping her mouth, and then popped her hand. She cried endlessly, and Reagan grinned ear to ear. Lovely.

Of course, they do love each other as well. Here they are in matching dresses, hugging on each other, being just as sweet as sugar.

Sibling rivalry is fun isn't it?
I honestly thought I would never have to deal with it. I bought a few parenting books when Reagan was really young, and I always skipped the chapters about sibling rivalry. I would also listen to stories from other moms who were frustrated from dealing with the constant fighting and bickering that would go on between their children and think to myself, "Well, that is one positive of having an only child".

Oh, well...I guess my time has come. Sibling rivalry has entered my world, and I am not exactly sure how to handle it. I guess I will learn as every other mother has done before me.
Any advice from my readers... I am open to suggestions.

Until next time...


  1. Oh the joys of having 2! If you figure out a way to deal with it please let me know! Sam & Drew fight constantly. Sam is much like Reagan in that he will taunt Drew or tease him. But now Drew has gotten old enough that he just lets Sam have it. Drew can take Sam DOWN before Sam even knows what hit him! I always discipline them, but not much has helped. It's just part of it I guess!

  2. Sweetie, all I know is - I hope Gracen doesn't have your "sweet" spirit as a child. All I were the mean one! Just kidding - kinda!

    So sorry about this. I wish I could encourage you - we always told our kids and still do - home is a safe place for everyone. We don't allow anyone to be mean to any member of the family inside our four walls. Which means friends, etc. I think it helped - plus 5 1/2 years apart makes the outbreaks fewer and far between.

  3. Lesley, my sweet dear sister. I have very fond memories of you, or shall we say tormenting me. I mean I vividly remember you picking me up by my ears often and in front of your friends!!! On another note, since my sweet Hayden does not have a sibling she has VERY often chomped down on me. I have bite marks all the time and I have found that nothing has stopped it yet.