Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Weekend

To all my bloggy friends out there, I am so sorry that I haven't written anything since last Thursday. We have been so busy. Our weekends are always busy, and this past weekend was sandwiched between a very busy Friday and a very busy Monday. I know I will be unable to blog every day, but missing 4 days is borderline ridiculous...don't you agree?

Well, I thought I would share a few pictures of our Halloween weekend. We had some great family time.

Here is a shot of the girls in their coordinating shirts. Gracen is thrilled to be in this picture.

She is a little more lively in this picture. I guess she didn't like sharing the spotlight with Reagan.

Reagan chose this costume for our annual Fall Festival at church. She absolutely loves Ariel the Mermaid. She was so proud of herself and just stared at herself in the mirror. She moved in slow motion around the den because she didn't want to mess herself up. Moving slowly is anti-Reagan behavior.

My Mom and Dad met us at the Fall Festival (thank the Lord) because Gene had to work a booth and I couldn't really play the games with Reagan and keep up with Gracen at the same time. Well, I guess I could have, but I didn't want to! Reagan was thrilled that her Gram and Pap were there. After a short while, she was walking around with them and I was holding Gracen.

As soon as Reagan saw the bouncers in the parking lot, she threw her princess behavior out the window. I spent an hour curling her hair and she knocked all her curls out in 5 minutes. She also got her socks all wet, which completely disturbed me.

Here is a shot of all 3 of us. Gracen is sort of in LaLa land. She just doesn't know how to look at the camera yet and say, "Cheese". I know some of you have noticed that Gracen is not in a costume. I simply chose not to dress her up. All the costumes I saw were so hot and cumbersome. I didn't think she would be comfortable and I didn't want to pay for something that she might keep on all of 10 minutes.

Here is Reagan with her friend Emma. Emma was dressed as Aurora, the Disney princess from Sleeping Beauty. They were too funny when they first saw each other. They literally checked each other out from head to toe. The conversation went like this...

Reagan: "I have an Ariel headband."

Emma: "Well, I have an Aurora tiara."

Reagan: "I have an Ariel pendant."

Emma: "I have a pendant too, an Aurora pendant."

Reagan: "I have a princess candy bucket."

Emma: "I have pretty shoes."

It was too funny. I laughed at them. At guess the comparison games starts early with females.

After the Fall Festival we had to trick or treat at my sister's house. Here she is with my precious neice, Hayden. Isn't she adorable in her Halloween dress? Hayden is 3 weeks younger than Gracen and they were facing each other, checking each other out as well. I love hanging out with the family. My mom and Dad came by too. We spent almost 2 hours just talking and watching the girls, but it felt like just a few minutes. Reagan got to trick or treat in their neighborhood. She went to 7 or 8 houses and had a blast.

We truly had a great holiday weekend!
On a side note, I had to take Gracen to the doctor on Monday to recheck her urine and make sure the antibiotic cleared up her kidney infection. It did! Her urine culture and all blood work came back clear. Praise the Lord.

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