Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Crazy Mornings

Whew! My mornings are crazy. As excited as I am that Gracen has started solids, the additional time required to sit with her and encourage her to swallow a few ounces of food is driving me nuts and making me late. The problem is that I am trying to accomplish this task with the same time constraints that I had before we started solids. This is clearly not working. I guess I am going to have to back everything up. This makes me a bitter woman....I'm just saying.

I know that I have given you a run down of my morning before, but here is a refresher. Right now, I am trying to get up by 5:00 a.m., but most mornings it is 5:15 and by Friday it is 5:30. I sit and have my quiet time until at least 6:00. I need this time and it is non-negotiable for me. At 6:00, I head to the shower, whether I have somewhere to go or not. I like to be ready for the day because I just never know what is going to happen or where I might have to go, like an unexpected doctor visit, etc. Anyway, by 6:45, I am making breakfast for Gene and myself and by 7:00, if not before, both girls are up.

Gracen wants to eat as soon as she gets up....go figure, and she is a SLOW eater. It still takes her a good 30-35 minutes to nurse. She is just her like her Momma I guess. I enjoy my food too. I am the kind that eats one M & M at a time. I suck on it and let it just dissolve in my mouth. I do this with every candy. I consume less calories this way.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, Gracen....Well, from all I have read, when you add solids to breastfeeding, you are suppose to nurse on one side, and then go to the highchair for solids, and then offer the other breast. This is taking an hour. I have to leave to take Reagan to preschool at 8:10 a.m. Yes, this is a problem because if you will back track over my morning, I still have not dressed or fed Reagan, brushed her teeth or her hair, prayed with her, loaded her stuff in the car.... nothing! I have decided that my life would be a lot easier if I just didn't have to feed Gracen, but that is probably not an option. Of course, if you have seen Gracen's chunky legs, she could certainly miss a meal or two.

Anyway, we were late to school on Monday. I am open to suggestions how other mothers are getting everything done before they leave the house at 8:00. Of course, I would like your suggestion to be in the form of a magic pill because I don't want to change my schedule. I am a creature of habit. I also do not want to get up any earlier. I mean 4:30 a.m. borders on ridiculous.

Like I said, Crazy, my mornings are just crazy!

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  1. For one, drop the solids. Solids are not for nourishment when you are bf unless you are actively weaning. Solids are for learning new textures. Just give solids when you have time and you have just bf her recently so that you are not replacing a meal. By the way this viewpoint is from dr. simon. Baby cereal is just junk. Grab a avacodo and mash it. Grab a banana and mash it with a fork. Cereals really should come last. Some babies don't even start solids till one year. Hope this helps some to make for smoother mornings.