Friday, November 6, 2009

Six Months Already

It is so hard to believe that Gracen is already 6 months old. I mean she has been here half a year. I have been breastfeeding exclusively and started "solids" on the day she turned 6 months. So I thought I would share a few photos of this experience.

We took her picture as soon as we placed her in her new space saver high chair. She was grinning like she knew something good was coming.

Here is one of her first bites. She made a few serious expressions but continued trying this new cuisine.

This is about halfway through the meal. She is reaching for the bowl and gulping down a bite. She has probably been hungry for months.

Reagan decided she wanted to get in a picture too. She also wanted to try Gracen's food, but I wouldn't let her. That probably would have made a good picture though, because she would have made a horrible face.

Here is picture of Gracen sitting up playing with toys on our den floor. She has been sitting up on her own for about a week. She is getting more and more steady each day.

This is just a cute picture of her laying on her changing table. She was in such a good mood, I just had to take a picture.

I love the stage that we are about to enter with Gracen. Each milestone is so much fun. I can hardly wait to see her crawl around, start pulling up, and then take off walking on her own. Her personality will also start to develop more and more, too. It is truly amazing to watch babies learn. They grasp so much in such a short amount of time.

Gracen, you have already added so much to our lives. Happy Half Birthday! We love you.

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  1. We gave Hayden her first cereal last night and we got some cute pictures too. Although yours looks better than mine, so I need to ask you how you served yours because mine was really runny and watery. Hayden didn't seem to mind though, but got bored pretty quickly.