Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Man, I cannot believe that it is already time for Thanksgiving. It seems like the older I get the quicker the years fly by...or maybe it is just because I have small kids in my home and everyday is a complete blur. Probably a little bit of both. Well, anyway, this time of year makes me think about all the things in my life for which I am thankful. Maybe your mind goes in this direction too.

This morning I was reading about thankfulness and the devotion started with this quote:

"Be thankful. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Thankfulness is much more dependent on attitude than circumstance. When you feel the lack of what you don't have, thank God for what you do have. At any time, there is more going right in the life of a committed Christian than there is going wrong. It's just that the wrong makes a lot more noise than the right." Jim Stevens

How true is that! I know that my wrongs, my problems, etc make a lot more noise for sure.

I am so blessed. But I'm also guilty of becoming so distracted by my blessings that I forget to thank the One from whose hands these things come. Do I see the loving husband I've been blessed with, or do I just grumble about his faults? Do I see the "conversationalist" of a child that I have been blessed with, or do I just grumble that she never shuts up? Do I see the precious gift of the new life we have been given, or do I just grumble about my lack of sleep and energy? Do I see the home I am blessed with, or do I just grumble about the constant chores to keep it clean? Do I see how blessed we are to have food whenever we want, or do I just grumble about having to go buy groceries each week?

I think you know the answer to most of those questions. Why is it so easy to grumble and complain, rather than offer thanks? Why do we so easily lose sight of all the gifts that we have been given, and focus on what we don't have or what we want to change instead?

I heard about one family that has started a Grumble Jar and every time someone in the family grumbles about anything they have to put $1.00 in the jar. All the money at the end of each month goes to an organization that helps needy families. What a great idea! I don't know that I will implement that yet....I don't carry that many bills in my wallet to deposit the money throughout the day....but I think it is a great idea. It would certainly make me realize all the negative comments that come out of my mouth during the day.

I do want to be more intentional with expressing my thankfulness. I also want to be more intentional with developing an attitude of thankfulness in Reagan. I can already see seeds of ungratefulness sprouting. So, at night during our devotion time we are going to start talking about what we are thankful for. (Mom, I know I just ended that sentence with a preposition and I am sorry.) While, this is a great activity to do with children, it is also something that we need to get into the habit of doing with God. He loves to hear our praises. I want to challenge each of you to limit your grumbling and complaining and to be more intentional of giving thanks and praise to God for everything in your life...the good and the bad.

I know you will be blessed.

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