Thursday, November 12, 2009

Operation Christmas Child

Yesterday, I told Reagan that we had to sit down and wrap our shoe boxes for the annual Operation Christmas Child Shoebox campaign. If you aren't familiar with it, you just fill a wrapped shoebox with toys, candy, and hygiene items appropriate for either a boy or a girl of a chosen age range, and it is sent overseas to a needy child. We picked a girl, ages 3-5, because I thought Reagan could pick out some things that she would like to have to include in the box.
Well, as I started to wrap one of the boxes, she decided that she didn't want to help me. She wanted to do her own box. I told her that was fine and I would go and find her another shoebox, knowing I would have to "fix" it somehow before we took it to church. Well, she didn't want a plain shoebox. She wanted to find her own "special" box to wrap, so she went to her room to search for a box. She came back with a red picnic basket that her Aunt Lori gave to her. I thought this was really sweet because she loves that basket. (Don't worry Lori, we didn't give it away.)

Anyway, here are a few shots of Reagan wrapping her basket. It took her about 45 minutes.... no joke, which was fine with me. Anytime, I can find something for Reagan to do that requires her to sit still in one place is a gift in and of itself. How cute are these pics? She was a busy girl.

Here is the finished basket. A true Reagan masterpiece. She was very proud of her creation. She went to room and filled the basket with shorts and t-shirts from one of her drawers because she said she didn't need her summer clothes anymore. Then she added some toys. I didn't take a picture of her overflowing basket and I realize this morning that I should have. It was funny.
Here is a shot of her basket (with some paper removed) next to the box that we actually took to church.
Later that afternoon, we went to the Dollar Tree and loaded 2 boxes to the brim. We had to do one for our church and one for her preschool. I would have spent $85.00 if I had purchased everything that Reagan grabbed to put in that box. She has a big heart, using Mommy's debit card. I also didn't think to take my camera to the store to document her selections. Of course, even if I had remembered the camera, I was carrying Gracen in a baby sling, pushing a cart, placing items in 2 boxes, and running after Reagan, I wouldn't have taken any pictures.
Just know that this was a great learning experience for Reagan. We talked a lot about "missions" and the need to reach out to others who are not as fortunate as we are. Hopefully, Reagan will remember activities like these and will learn not to be so self-absorbed. That is my prayer.

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