Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sick Little Angel

Well, as many of you know, Gracen has been sick for several days now. A fever developed Saturday morning and persisted through Monday. She threw up Sunday night and was really sleepy the entire weekend. We called the doctor on Monday morning and of course, they wanted to see her, for what I thought would be a routine visit. The nurse started the day with a heel prick to get some blood and from that sample, the doc discovered that her white blood cells were really high, too high for a 5 month old. This set off a whole series of tests that I was not prepared for in my mind or spirit. The doctor decided to do a urine test and more blood work. Getting blood from her little arms was a nightmare of epic proportions. It took 3 different nurses to hold her down as they went from arm to arm because her little veins continue to roll out from under the needle. She was screaming at the top of her lungs and I was literally ready to punch one of the nurses. (godly attitude right) After about 25 minutes, the nurses said I would need to take her to a hospital lab so "professionals" could get this blood. I quickly told them no, that I wanted pediatric nurses to do this, nurses who were used to working with infants. They said they would try one more time with me holding her, so I immediately starting praying and the nurse was successful on her last attempt. By this time, we had been in the office for over 2 hours and Gracen was hungry, ill, and drenched in sweat from her fever and crying. It took me about 35 minutes to get her to calm her down.

The nurses attached a bag to her under her diaper to catch urine and told me we were all going to break for lunch and resume later. "Excuse me....resume what?" Little did I know that they were sending us for chest x-rays, and then bringing us back to the office for a catheter, if she didn't tee tee enough in the bag, and possibly more blood work. Can anyone say, "Gene DeVaughn, you- better- get- down- here- quick- because- I- can't- handle- one- more- single- test." He came and luckily she did go enough in the bag, more blood work was not necessary, and Gene was able to hold her during the x-ray so she didn't seem to mind too much. Right before we headed home, Gracen was given an antibiotic shot that was very thick and the nurse said would hurt (great). We were told that if the shot didn't lower her fever and make her feel a lot better by the morning, she would need to be hospitalized to be given fluids and antibiotics by IV .

Well, so far so good. She woke up this morning cool as a cucumber and a little of her personality seems to be back. It is about 2:00 in the afternoon as I type this and she is still fever free. I hope this isn't the calm before the storm....(yes, this is my worry nature coming out). I know that many prayers were lifted up for her and I certainly believe in the power of prayer. This morning on Face Book I had 29 people saying that they had been praying for Gracen, some off and on through the night, as they were unable to sleep. Amazing that people love us enough to lift us up to God's throne.

The doctor said it was unusual for her white blood count to be so high and for such a small baby to have such an infection so she could have some kidney or bladder issues. We are still waiting on a few tests to come back so please continue to pray. We aren't sure yet if we are dealing with just a kidney infection or the signs of something more.

I was struck with such fear yesterday and it made me realize how important my relationship with God is and how important my quiet time is. God knows what is coming ahead of us and as we spend time in His word and in prayer, He prepares us to deal with each and every event. Even though the tears were rolling and I wanted my husband with me, I knew in my heart God was (and is) in control of this situation. He stands in my yesterday, today, and tomorrow. He knows things and sees things for which I need to be prepared. He will give me the exact instruction and comfort I need to handle all He sees coming my way.


  1. Still praying for all you! Love you guys so much!