Sunday, October 18, 2009

Movie Night

On Friday night, Gene borrowed some equipment from the church and set up a huge "movie screen" on our back patio. We had the college students coming over for a fellowship and with the first cold snap, we thought it would be fun to snoodle up outside. I was certainly ready for some hot chocolate and s'mores. I was even ready to get into a cozy sweatshirt and pull the ole jacket out. (Don't you just love fall? ) We decided to watch the Little Mermaid with Reagan before the college students started arriving, and Reagan had a blast. She thought this was the absolute best thing since sliced bread. She sang all the songs and danced right there on the patio.

Ariel, larger than life...what could be better? I wish I had sound on my blog so you could hear her singing Ariel's song. So precious!

These are some shots of the college students once we started their movie. I wish I had taken some pictures of the line in front of one coffee pot or shots of everyone makes s'mores in front of the fire pit, but I didn't. Oh well.

Gracen even got to come outside for a while. She didn't know what to think about the large screen or the cold air. She had a very serious expression on her face the entire time. We couldn't get that child to smile for anything, and she fell asleep on the swing in her Daddy's arms a little while after this picture. Come to find out, she was sick. Saturday morning she woke up with fever. I am sure the cold air didn't exactly help what had already started in her system. But, I didn't know! I guess we will be in the doctor's office Monday morning. Hello, $30.00 copay... just to tell me to take some Tylenol, which I am already doing. I guess the $30.00 is for my peace of mind, small price to pay, really.

Reagan wanted to get in the picture too. I love just hanging out at home with the family and of course, friends. I wish every Friday night could be just as nice.

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