Monday, October 12, 2009

Our Weekend

I don't have anything of a spiritual nature to share, so I thought I would give you a run down of our last couple of days.

On Friday, Reagan had preschool in the morning and then she was invited to a birthday party at 12:00. It was a fun get together. I love watching Reagan interact with other little girls her age. It is so funny listening to their conversations and watching them role play and figure things out. I also greatly enjoy hanging out with other Christians moms, moms who love their children and who are desperately trying to model Christ in front of them, moms who, like me, struggle with organizing their homes, making menus, etc. Fortunately for me, these moms are a little older than me, with many more children than me, so I always leave them with a wealth of information. We were all there until about 4:00 because we truly enjoy each others company...the kids and adults.

On Friday night, Gene was actually home....a rare treat! As the college minister, he has to plan events for them on 3 Friday nights per month, so a Friday night together at home is so nice. We enjoyed some great family time.

On Saturday, I was a hostess for another wedding shower. (That is 3 Saturdays in a row if anybody is counting.) I had Gracen with me and we ran some errands while we were out. I also took a friend home after the shower and we sat and talked for a little while. Amazingly, we had another night at home. It was really nice.

Sundays are very hectic! As I have said before, we leave the house at 8:30 and head to Sunday School and then worship. Gene preached both morning services and did a fabulous job. After church I HAD to buy some groceries....(Lori, I know this is not a "Sabbath" activity, but my poor planning at the end of the previous week led to this event...LOL). We were home for a few hours and then we loaded up to head back to church. Gene and I both teach a class at 4:45 and then we have worship at 6:00. Gene and I had nursery Sunday night, but God was kind. We only had two babies and one was Gracen. Both of them were incredibly sweet. We got back home around 8:00.

I got the bright idea to get up in the middle of the night on Sunday to pump some breast milk so I would have a bottle to take with us on Monday. This was a bad idea. I set my alarm clock for 3:00am. The pumping took 10 minutes, but I couldn't go back to sleep. The last time I looked at the clock it was 4:45am. This is not worth pumping a bottle.

On Monday (today) Gene was off and it was raining. So we decided to load up the kids and head to the mall. Reagan loves going to the mall. She spent an hour in the arcade, then rode the merry-go-round and the escalator in Dillard's, and then threw too many pennies in the fountain. We should own stock in the mall by now due to all the pennies that have been thrown into that fountain. Gene and I were looking for some fall clothes for the girls. We quickly realized two things: first, it is very difficult to shop with the kids present, and second, it is going to be expensive to dress two girls. My poor daddy had to dress 3 girls...sorry DAD! Any way, we left the house around 10:30 and got back home around 4:00. We had a really nice day.

Tommorrow (Tuesday) I am taking the girls to the zoo with my Mom and Dad. Hopefully the rain will hold off .

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  1. Love it! My weekend was slower! And, girl Sunday is Sabbath rest for ministers and their is a full on work day. You have to find other times to do nothing, slow down, rest, etc.