Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Decorating for Christmas

I love decorating for Christmas. I looked forward to Christmas before having children, and now that I have two girls, I anticipate everything even more. Every activity or event is thought of through their eyes and something as simple as decorating the tree becomes a little less of a chore when their little eyes light up while pulling out each ornament. Little Gracen was tickled pink when we pulled out the Christmas tree lights and plugged them in to see if they were working. I wish I had taken a picture of her smiling and pointing at them. She kept going to them and touching each individual light.

Reagan is old enough now to actually help decorate the tree. Of course we had to move some ornaments around when she wasn't looking, but that was no big deal. Since Gene and I got married, we have always watched Home Alone while we decorate the den for Christmas, and this was the first year Reagan really watched the movie with us...we muted out the couple of curse words. She laughed at all of Kevin's antics. That was fun!

Here is Reagan decorating the tree.
Here is the finished tree. We have had this slim skinny tree for years. Our den is not very big and I just have a problem bringing in a huge, fat tree that takes up all our walking/playing space. For now, this slim tree fits the room perfectly.

Here is the entire den. With an active toddler running around, we went pretty simple. We have other things to sit around, like our 2 foot pre-lit Christmas trees that we usually put on the floor on the left and right side of the mantle, but they just felt like one more thing for Gracen to get into. So we left them out this year.

Reagan has a four foot tree in her room and here she is decorating it. She loved this!

Here is the finished tree. She wanted pink ornaments this year, so her tree is hot pink and white.

And we were trying to make the house pretty, Gracen was tearing it up. Got to love toddlers!
Gene has not decorated the outside yet. I will post some pictures whenever he finds the time to do it.

Until next time...

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