Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up

I had an incredibly busy weekend. It started early Friday morning, as Gene and I headed to Children's Hospital in Birmingham at 6:45 am for Gracen's 6 month check-up on her kidneys. She is doing really well and hasn't had even one urinary tract infection or kidney infection since she was hospitalized back in April, so I was anticipating good news. The news wasn't terrible but it wasn't what I wanted to hear for sure. Her condition is still considered mild with a good chance to correct itself without surgery, but there are some irregularities in her kidneys that we will still have to watch closely. Her left kidney is too small and her right kidney is too big, due to the reflux of urine. A person needs their kidneys, so this situation makes me a little uneasy in my spirit, but I am taking this concern to the Lord every single day in prayer. I lay my hands on her stomach every night and pray for healing, while she looks at me like I am crazy. I want to ask you, my friends and family, to pray for her healing as well. We go back to Children's in June for another ultrasound and catheter test.

After we left the hospital, we stopped at the Galleria to Christmas shop and eat some lunch. Here is a shot of Gracen in the parking lot. She was so sweet the entire day.

After lunch, my older sister met me at the Galleria for some more shopping and then we headed to the Deeper Still event later that night, with awesome teaching from Kay Arthur, Priscilla Shirer, and Beth Moore, not to mention incredible worship. Gene headed home with Gracen to begin two days as a single dad...and everyone survived. He even remembered to brush Gracen's teeth this time.

This trip was a gift from my sister. She called in the middle of the last week and said her church was taking a group of ladies and they had a cancellation. I could go to the event for free.... conference ticket, hotel stay, and lunch. Thank you, Lori! We had a fabulous time, hearing some deep truths about God and spending some much needed quality time together.

Here is a picture of us in the Birmingham Civic Center on Saturday afternoon.

I want to share some highlights from each session, but I don't have time today. I have to go get ready to meet some mom friends and their children at Pump It Up. But here are a few snap shots from our very high seats.

This is worship with Travis Cottrell. This time gave me chill bumps...to hear 14,000 women singing praises to God with arms stretched up to heaven made me think of what heaven will be like as we collectively worship the KING.
Here is a snap shot of Kay Arthur as she teaches.

And Priscilla Shirer....Tony Evan's daughter

And Beth Moore
I can not say enough about the weekend. My spirit needed to hear what these women taught from God's Word in the worst way. I loved every second of it and hanging out with my sister was an added BONUS. We don't get to see each other enough.
I got home after dinner on Saturday evening, just in time to bathe the girls and be there to tuck them in their beds.
And Sunday was a full day of church.
Later in the week, I will share a little from each session, but like I said, I am headed to Pump It Up to chase after two kids for two hours...pray for me.
Until next time...

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