Tuesday, December 21, 2010

This and That

I didn't have one specific thing on my mind this morning, so I thought I would just share a few pictures and a few random thoughts.
Here are a few shots from our last spaghetti night! You'll remember that Gracen is learning to feed herself, so this meal gets a little messy. The mess is worth it because both girls are so picky and this is one meal that they will both eat. I try to make the meal healthy...whole wheat noodles, organic sauce, and turkey meat.
Gracen did pretty well and didn't even mess up her clothes...well, at least not too bad!
Reagan's expressions kill me. Here she is, already in her pajamas, learning to twirl her spaghetti, a new skill she is very proud of.

The big bite...and yes, she got all of that in her mouth.

And then she picked up my sunglasses that were laying on the table and asked me to take a picture of her wearing them. Dinner entertainment...

Here a few shots from Reagan's Christmas party at her preschool. I actually left my camera at home, so these pictures came from my good friend, Cassandra Hicks. Her son Drew is one of Reagan's dear friends and classmates. (Thanks Cass!)
This is the whole class singing Christmas songs with musical instruments.

Here is a close up of Reagan singing "Go Tell It On the Mountain". This song was very loud!

And here is Katelyn Crosby, Drew Hicks, and Reagan....church friends since birth and classmates. What a sweet picture!

And here is Reagan doing some Christmas art....the very simplest thing I could think of that day! She loves to glue things, so it doesn't take much to entertain her.

The finished "cotton ball" Santa...

*We have a fun week ahead...
Tonight we are going to Bass Pro to visit the North Pole, take in all the sights, and get a picture with Santa. We are going to eat supper there....yum!
Wednesday night we are going to Zoo Lights with my sister's family. Reagan is so excited about this and has been doing a "count down".
Thursday we are going to do some more Christmas art and read more Christmas books. I have been reading "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" to Reagan this week. It is her first chapter, with about 7 chapters and a little over a hundred pages. I didn't know if it would hold her attention, but she has loved it. When I finish one chapter, she will beg me to read another, which can take 40 minutes. If you know Reagan, that is a long time to sit still. I am excited about this because chapter books will open up a whole new world of books to choose from, and hopefully she will love to read as she grows up.
Friday (Christmas Eve) we are making several different kinds of cookies and will probably spend hours decorating them. That night we have our Christmas Eve service at our church, followed by our Christmas celebration at Gene's parents house, complete with turkey and dressing and all the wonderful side dishes from Thanksgiving.
Saturday is Christmas, so that will be a busy day with my own little family, followed by a lazy day at home and then a Christmas steak dinner/celebration at my parent's house.
I should have lots of pictures to come!
*We are all ready for Christmas. Every gift is wrapped and Santa is ready to deliver. We have been talking about Jesus' birth story every single day and I have ordered a "Happy Birthday, Jesus" cake for Saturday. The anticipation is killing me!
Until next time...

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