Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Bass Pro Christmas

Our family had a great evening at Bass Pro last night. We love going to their North Pole area to play all the games and visit Santa. We also enjoy the yummy restaurant. Here is a picture of Reagan waiting on her food.

And here is Gracen waiting on her food... Both girls drank every drop of their drinks before any food arrived at our table, which took 25 minutes. Then it was like pulling teeth to make them eat because they were so full from their drinks.

Here is Gene and the girls hanging out at the fish tank. Gracen was amazed at this and kept saying, "ish, ish, ish" while pointing at the glass and then pointing at me and then pointing back to the glass. In this picture she is pointing at me.

Gracen...hanging out in her stroller.

Reagan...hanging out on the rocks around the water. I am sure children aren't supposed to sit here, but oh well.

Reagan shooting one of the many toy guns in the store. (*She played one of the bow and arrow dart games and nailed the target two different times....dead in the center. The lady working that booth just cheered and cheered for her.)

Here we are waiting for Santa. Gracen never would smile for the camera. She was very uneasy with Santa being so near, and she didn't really care for the large Nutcracker soldier behind us either. She kept looking back at it to make sure it hadn't moved.

Here is Reagan just talking to Santa. When we arrived there was no line at all, so Santa spent several minutes just talking to Reagan about what she wanted for Christmas. I thought it was a special little moment.

Here is a copy of our picture with Santa. And yes, I had to sit with the girls to get Gracen to calm down. She absolutely came unglued when I placed her in Santa's lap. She started screaming and threw both arms straight up in the air trying to slip out of his arms and reach for me all at the same time. I had to laugh. After she calmed down, we got this picture with me in it. Of course, neither girl smiled. I still have the picture though as a memory.

This week they had a sugar cookie decorating table set up complete with snowmen shaped sugar cookies, frosting, and sprinkles. Both girls really enjoyed doing this activity.

We had a fun night!
Tonight we are headed to zoo lights so I should have more pictures tomorrow.
Until next time...

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