Friday, October 29, 2010

Growing Up

Gracen started "using her spoon" this week. I use that phrase lightly because more food is landing in her lap than in her mouth. This is slowing down mealtime because I can feed her faster than she can feed herself, but I know it is an important skill for her to learn, so I am trying to let her do it as much as time will allow.

The pictures below are the fist time she insisted on holding the spoon herself. Of course, we were eating spaghetti....messy in and of itself. She basically refused to take a bite from me and kept reaching for her spoon. I gave it to her and she scooped up her first bite and tried to get it in her mouth. No such luck on the first 3 tries, but the fourth try was a winner. And she got better and better as the meal progressed. We clapped for her each time she got some spaghetti in her mouth and she really liked that.

In this picture she is using her spoon and her fingers. I guess she wanted to get a little more spaghetti in her mouth than by using the spoon alone.

And here she is the next morning. Again, she insisted on using her spoon. On her first successful bite she just looked at me and waited on the clapping. I didn't realize what she wanted until she dropped her spoon and clapped for herself. That would have been a great video moment.

It is hard to believe that she is growing up so fast. Some days I am so eager to get both of my little ones grown and off to school. I want to be able to clean my house, do my errands, and be actively involved in ministry again. (I sure do miss teaching a weekly Bible study.) Then there are days where I want to scream against the clock because I catch glimpses of how fast this season is passing me by. I know when they are both in school I will miss all the precious moments and constant messes. It is hard to see past the chaos and the exhaustion to truly appreciate each and every moment.
Sitting at the kitchen table watching Gracen feeding herself reminded me that the time is coming quickly where she won't need me. She will be Miss Independent, just like Reagan, and will want to do everything by herself. It is hard to even imagine that season, but I know it will be here before I realize it and before I am ready.
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