Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Sick Child and Halloween Costumes

I am behind with my normal weekend wrap-up. Gracen has been sick, and when your child is sick then everything else stops. She developed a little fever late Sunday afternoon, but I wasn't too concerned because Reagan had been sick the week before. Reagan had a low-grade fever with a cough and a runny nose. I thought that was what Gracen had too.

Well, on Monday morning she woke up with a fever of 103.8. She was burning up and you could just tell that she didn't feel good. With her kidney condition, a fever could signal a kidney infection or urinary tract infection, so I bagged her urine and headed to the doctor. He said there was blood in her urine and that he was pretty confident that it was a kidney infection. He took some blood and her white count was 32,000. The normal range is 5,000-15,000. She was hospitalized back in April with a white count of 37,000. Her doctor was concerned and starting talking about hospitalizing her for at least two nights. He also said that an antibiotic shot could turn her around in 6-8 hours at home...which did I want to do? Uh, home please....

The decision wasn't that easy. I called Gene because I would have never forgiven myself if I had brought her home and then something happened to her. He felt the same way as I did and didn't want her to be hospitalized unless it was absolutely necessary. He came home from work because we didn't know which direction Gracen would go. Thankfully, by bedtime she didn't have any fever and seemed fine. I thought all was well.

To identify a kidney infection the urine is tested for 24 hours. Well, the doctor's office called the next morning and said she DID NOT have a kidney infection, that there was something else going on inside of her little body and we would have to bring her back in for some more tests and some more blood work. We were told to be prepared to be sent to Baptist East based on the results of the tests and blood work. I started to cry! I try not to worry, but when it comes to my girls fear grips my heart easily. I confessed my anxiety to God throughout the day.

By 2:00, we were told that she had pneumonia...actually "silent or walking" her right lung. This showed up in her chest x-ray. We were prescribed the antibiotic Augmentin and got to go home instead of to the hospital. I was so relieved.

Today, I feel better, but I am still watching her like a hawk. In the back of my mind, I still feel like there could be something more. I certainly hope not.

Changing subjects... I would like to share a few pictures from our Halloween weekend.

Reagan wanted to be Barbie from the movie"Fashion Fairy Tale", one of her favorite movies right now. Luckily we found the dress from the movie at Target. Here is a picture of her on Friday morning, about to go to her preschool party. I thought she should wear her hair down with curls. She insisted on wearing it pulled up. She keeps tangles in her hair and really doesn't like me messing with it unless I just have to. I still thought she looked very pretty.

Here is Gene with the girls at EMBC's Fall Festival. Reagan dressed up in the same outfit and Gracen was a little cat. We had Gracen's whiskers painted on inside and you cannot see her little tail in the picture. She was precious. You will notice that Reagan's hair is down in this picture. I thought we would just pull it up again, but no, she wanted it down. I think she just likes to go against what I want. God, help us. The teen years will be difficult.
Here is Reagan with some of her favorite people...Kimberly Hunt, Jenna Sanders, and Shay Callahan.

Here is me and Gracen. I am laughing because the child simply would not be still. She had already knocked me over once and she was pushing against me in this picture to get away.

Here is one of the only shots of Gracen walking around. She just would not be still for a picture. I did want you to see her little tail though, and she had the cutest little "Meow" sound that she made. I guess I should have videoed that.

I have more pictures but I thought I would spare you from looking at picture after picture of Reagan and Gracen standing at each booth, playing various games.
This may be my only post for the week. I am leaving to go out of town for my women's retreat on Friday. I have lots to do before then since I basically lost Monday and Tuesday this week.
Pray for health for my girls. I couldn't leave them if they were sick. Pray for me too. I have a sore throat today...and I kind of need my voice this weekend, and I need clarity of mind.
Until next time...

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  1. I'm glad to hear Gracen didn't have to be hospitalized but hate that the cute kitten has to be on medicine. Reagan looked adorable, with her hair up and down. You have such adorable children.

    As for the teen years, you and me are gonna be praying for a long time, I tell you. My husband does not have a clue as to what life with a teenaged girl is like. Of course I have a few years ahead of you. I'll let you know if I survive those years. LOL

    Prayers that you have a successful women's retreat and rest your voice when you can.