Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up Part 2

Saturday was such a beautiful day. I just had to take the girls somewhere to enjoy the nice weather. Gene was planning on painting our dining room, so they needed to be out of the house for sure. Open paint cans and a 17 month old are NOT a good combination.

I decided to take them to the zoo, and I invited my mother-in-law to come along. Again, I just wanted to share a few pictures from our morning.

Here are the girls waiting for their turn to get on the train.

Here is my MIL with Gracen.

The zoo has a new feature where you can pay a dollar to feed the giraffes. I thought that was really cool. They are such beautiful animals. Both girls actually enjoyed it too. I thought Gracen would be scared, but she seemed quite interested in all of the giraffes that came up to the fence to eat. She even giggled when they stuck their extremely long tongues through the fence to grab the greenery to munch. Like I said, it was pretty neat.
Reagan peeking at the giraffes

My MIL swinging Gracen. You just got to love that "Slapout" t-shirt that she is wearing.
Reagan playing on the playground.

My MIL with both girls.

Gracen checking things out.

Reagan sitting in front of the leopard cage.

And Reagan noticing that the leopard is coming her way....funny!

I am so glad that we made the trip. The weather was perfect and both girls loved it. They were so good from start to finish. I also really enjoyed spending the morning with my mother-in-law. We talked about all kind of things and laughed a lot at the girls.
On Saturday afternoon, we were able to spend a lazy afternoon at home with Gene. The weather was perfect, I had taco soup in the crock pot for dinner, and we played in the yard until AL game time.
On Sunday, we enjoyed another wonderful day of worship. EMBC is incredibly blessed to have Bro. Michael Evans as our worship leader, along with the choir and orchestra that we get to enjoy each week. To say that they are talented would be an understatement.
Bro. Glenn continued his series on stewardship and again, I was challenged to think about different areas of my life and to ask myself if I am TRULY glorifying God in ALL things.
I desperately want to!
God has been so faithful to me, even in my unfaithfulness. The least that I can do is give Him the very best of myself from this day forward.
Until next time...

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