Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Carving Pumpkins

This will be a quick entry. I am currently working on the "student books" that go with my lessons for the women's retreat I will be leading in 9 days.....oh, goodness! That is taking all my free time this week. I apologize that my blog has not had much spiritual depth lately. I have been pouring myself into the retreat instead and apparently I cannot multi-task.

On Saturday afternoon, Gene and Reagan carved their first pumpkin. He decided to do something very simple because he wasn't too sure how the experience would turn out. It wasn't near as messy as we thought it would be and it was easier to cut the face than Gene thought it would be. Reagan had a blast and it is something that we will be doing each year. Maybe Gracen will get to do her own little pumpkin next year.

Here is Reagan getting all the gunk out of the inside of the pumpkin. She loves getting dirty so this was right up her alley. She planted many of the pumpkin seeds in our backyard. I wonder how many days in row she will check for pumpkins. I hate seeing her disappointed every day.
Reagan is still working on the gunk while Gene draws his face.

Let the cutting begin.

Here is the completed face and Reagan STILL getting mess out of that pumpkin.

And here is the finished product. Reagan insisted that our jack o'lantern be inside where she could enjoy it. I agreed, until Tuesday, when I noticed several gnats flying around said pumpkin, and out the door it went.

I just love fall and all the activities that go with it. I would enjoy fall more if it wasn't 90 degrees outside. Hopefully, it will start to cool down soon.
Until next time...

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