Friday, January 29, 2010

Better Days & So Long Insecurity

Everything has been pretty quiet around the home front for the last few days...thank goodness. For a while there, I felt like a dark cloud was hovering over my house with Reagan's toxic hip joint and then Gracen mysterious high fever. Hopefully, the cloud is blowing over. Night time sleep has returned to normal, at least for the last three nights and Gracen is taking wonderful naps again. I function so much better when I have had a little rest at night and a little downtime during the day.

Wednesday was a very normal day. Reagan had preschool in the morning. I spent time with Gracen and cleaned a little during her first nap, then headed back to pick up Reagan. After picking her up, we all ate lunch, the girls napped, and then we headed to church. Unfortunately for me, I had to keep Gracen out of nursery because the antibiotic seems to be causing the "runs", if you know what I mean. I just didn't feel right about leaving her to blow out on some unsuspecting soul. This means I missed most of the service, again. I did get to stay in for the music portion and then Gracen made it clear it was time to go. Oh, well....maybe Sunday.

On Thursday, Gene was off and we were pretty lazy most of the day. I did do some cleaning because as every mother out there knows, I do not really have a "day off". If I do absolutely nothing one day, I will pay for it the next day. Things like dishes just have a way of building up. Gene and I had a date night scheduled for that evening and we packed up the girls and took them to my mom and dad's house around 4:30. Reagan was too excited. She absolutely loves going to her Gram and Pap's house. I think she would live there if I let her....and on some days, I might consider it! Ha!! Gracen is getting to be pretty fond of them too. I can leave them and completely relax because I know that they are in great hands. Gene and I went out to dinner. We ate at Chili's in the Eastchase shopping center. The food was really good and the company and conversation was even better. It was really nice to get away and just talk to each other. After dinner we went over to Old Navy and I got some pants....some much needed pants. Shopping and dinner out...what could be better....oh yes, StarBucks. The perfect ending. The night went by in a blink...the fastest night that I remember in a long time. I am looking to forward to Feb. 11th when we can get away again.

Today was a very nice day as well. Again, I took Reagan to preschool at 8:00 and picked her up at 11:30. Gracen and I spent the morning at home and she slept from 9:00 to 11:00. I cleaned and piddled a little. After picking up Reagan, we came home and had lunch. Ya know the usual stuff. Around 12:00 the doorbell rang and it was a delivery man. He brought a pallet full of Gene's second devotional printed by Lifeway Christian Stores. This one is called Unstoppable. There is a guy's version and a girl's version. It is $4.99 and should hit the stores by March. I could not be more proud of him.
Around 1:00, Kimberly Hunt volunteered to come over and watch my girls while I worked on some overdue projects. That was heavenly! I worked upstairs in my office until around 4:30. I came down to nurse Gracen and then threw a frozen pizza in the oven for all of us to eat for dinner. Kimberly stayed with us until around 6:45. Reagan had a blast and I really enjoyed the sweet company and conversation. Thank you Kimberly for driving out to the country to see us.

Changing the subject totally, Beth Moore has a brand new book coming out called So Long Insecurity. It is due to release this Tuesday, Feb. 2nd, and I couldn't be more excited. I love her in general but this is a topic I need to be addressed in my life. I have posted in the past that I struggle with the feeling of not measuring up. I think a lot of us do in one way or another. How constantly clever of Satan to make me feel inferior! Anyway, Beth Moore is going to be leading a book club discussion of sorts on her blog starting Feb. 11th and I am going to participate. I would love if some of you joined in as well. I will be posted a lot of my thoughts and feelings here on my blog as I go through the assigned reading for the week. If you are interested go to and read about this on the Jan. 29th entry. There is a link to her website on the right side of my is called the LPM Blog. Anyway, this will be a 9 week commitment and you will read about 2 chapters per week. After each assigned reading, Beth will throw out some discussion questions for us to chew on.

You can buy the book on Feb. 2nd. I ordered mine from for $14.99. Lifeway will have the book on sale for $17.99. On Feb. 9th, Beth will have a roll call where you basically sign up for the free discussion and on Feb. 11th, the reading assignments will begin.
I hope some of you will consider joining me. I cannot think of a more worthwhile way to spend 9 weeks.

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