Monday, January 4, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

I thought on Mondays I would either start writing a weekend wrap-up or a review of the lessons I learned at church the previous Sunday. Well, the choice was made for me today because Gracen would not quit crying yesterday when I tried to drop her off for nursery. I had to stay with her and didn't get to hear any teaching at church, which is a bummer for me... but just part of being a mom I guess. So here is what we did this past weekend.

Gene was off on Friday so we spent the day cleaning the house. He is wonderful around here. He likes things clean and organized so he always helps me when I get a little behind, which happens quite frequently now that I have two children. He is a perfectionist and really prefers things really clean. He is the type that is constantly wiping down mirrors and faucets and puts everything in its place as soon as he is finished with it. I am the type that cleans the mirrors and faucets when the toothpaste spots get so thick they start to block my view and I leave things out because I might use them again the week. It is really amazing that we haven't killed each other, but I guess really, we balance each other out a little bit. I keep him from being obsessively clean and he keeps me from living in filth...HA!

On Friday afternoon, we took Reagan to see the Princess and the Frog. We do not go to the movies very often because I think they are ridiculously expensive. I am not going to go just to have something to do. Something has to be playing that someone in my family really wants to see. Well, Reagan LOVES the Disney Princesses and every time the commercial for this movie would come on she would ask if we could go. She has only been to the movie theater one time and she was amazed at the big screen and the huge bucket of popcorn. I knew she would have a great time and boy did she. We went to the Rave and she practically ran through the parking lot. We bought our tickets...a whopping $23.00...and bought our snacks...another $17.00, but who's counting...add these amounts to our dinner that cost $20.00 and we had one little expensive outing. Anyway, we found our seats and her little face lit up when the movie started. She sat mesmerized for the entire 2 hours, except when she felt the need to dance with some of the songs. Luckily where we were sitting, she could dance without bothering anyone. She kept oohing and aahhin and saying, "That is a really big tv!" She ate every bite of her popcorn , every Skittle, and drank every drop of Sprite. When the movie was over she started clapping. People don't normally clap at the movie theater, so we felt a little weird, but we just had to clap with her. We really had a great time. Gracen was with my parents and I know she had a great time, too. Thanks Mom and Dad for keeping her. On a side note, the movie contained a lot of evil overtones with all the voo-doo it contained. At one point, the Shadow Man conjured up all these demons that he sent out over the city of New Orleans and it gave me the chills because I couldn't help to think about Satan and his demons... which is where voo-doo comes from. This scared Reagan and bothered us, but what can you expect from a secular company like Disney.

On Saturday, Gene and I had to go clean my sister's office. We do this once a month for some "mad money" for me. I guess we just made back everything we spent the night before...with a some extra to spare. We also went to Party City and made some final purchases for Reagan's birthday party coming up in a few weeks....there went the extra money to spare...oh well! When we got home, I left Gene with the Gracen and I went to Prattville with Reagan and my mother-n-law to buy some groceries and shop a little bit. That night, I made taco soup for supper and we settled in for the night.

On Sunday, we only had services in the morning, so we enjoyed a long day at home together. The family time was wonderful because Gene left early this morning headed to West Virginia on a ski trip with the college students. He will be back Thursday afternoon, hopefully in time to watch the Alabama game. It is going to be a long week here by myself. Maybe it will pass quickly. One positive note...I can let the toothpaste spots gather on the bathroom mirror until Thursday. Ha Ha!

Please pray for their safety as they travel and ski. I think they have a 10 hour drive ahead of them and they are going into a snow storm. Yesterday, West Virginia received like 8 inches of snow and it was zero degrees. Gene doesn't have enough fat on his bones for weather like that. Hopefully, he will survive it!

****Gracen is 8 months old today! Amazing!

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  1. I thought about little Gracen yesterday because I knew she was 8 months old! I for one can not believe our babies have been here with us for that long!! Time really does fly, makes me really sad.