Thursday, January 7, 2010

Back to Normal

I am so thankful to have Gene at home. Things already feel much more normal. He arrived here around 2:45, which was several hours earlier than I expected him. The group decided to leave West Virginia really early this morning to make sure that they were back in time to see the National Championship game tonight. He visited with us for about 25 minutes and then headed to take a for me....but he needed to regain some energy to be ready to cheer on his team. I had chili and baked potatoes ready to go for the game. Sounded good on a cold night at home, but he says he is not really hungry and just wants popcorn for the game. Oh well!

I cannot believe how cold it is outside. It is kind of crazy for Alabama. My central heat is running continuously and I can just envision coins evaporating out of my pockets with it. I have been staying home, trying to keep Gracen out of this cold weather and I am feeling a little stir crazy. Being alone with the two girls since Monday has not helped either. I feel the need to bust out of this cage soon. Don't worry though...the extent of my wildness would be taking an extra long time to peruse each aisle at Wal'Mart. I really miss doing that. When you grocery shop with small children, you get exactly what you need and get out, praying the entire time that neither child has a "spell". I also really miss taking a shower without an audience, but that's another story for another day.

Short and sweet...but there isn't really that much going on with me.

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  1. I made chili for last nights game also! I wanted to let you know that I busted out laughing about the shower because I feel that way! I have now tried to get up right when I hear Gabe talking (he'll talk for a bit to his toys and books), but during the day I feel crazy sneaking to the bathroom because if he sees me I get an audience while I go! lol! Still just a few of the joys of motherhood- YOU'RE NEVER ALONE!
    Hope you have a great weekend!