Thursday, September 10, 2009

So Proud

Reagan is growing up so fast. She just started our Awana program at church called Cubbies and she absolutely loves it. She has been eagerly waiting for her Cubby vest and bag because she has seen all the big kids wearing this at church on Wed. nights. Well, you just don't get a vest and bag. You have to memorize the Cubby key verse (1 John 4:10), Cubby motto (Jesus loves me), and 2 others verses (Romans 3:23 and Romans 5:8). I was told that it could take several weeks for the children to learn their verses and just keep working on them. Last week was the first week of the program, and she had learned her Cubby key verse and the motto, which she recited to her leader. She wanted her vest and didn't understand that she had more to learn first. Needless to say she was a little disappointed when she left church last week. Well, we have worked on all 4 verses each day and she recited them all to her Cubby leader last night. When I picked her from class she came running to me and said,"Look Mommy! I got my vest, I got my vest, I got vest!" She was ecstatic. She was literally dancing in the hallway of the church. She ran up to several people and showed them, beamed as she told her Daddy, and even ran up to our pastor, Bro. Glenn and shared the news with him. I was so proud of her. As soon as we got home, she wanted us to take a picture of her wearing her vest....which I am sharing with you today.

If you know Reagan, you know that she has such a joy for life. Her face beams with the smallest accomplishment. She is happy all the time and she gets so excited over the smallest things. In the mornings she looks out the window and says, "Look mommy, it is a brand new day. Isn't it a beautiful day?" It can be raining and she will say that. I wish I had her perspective. I wish I could recapture that simple joy just for life even when it is raining outside. I tend to focus on the negative more than I should....immediately thinking that the rain will just ruin my day, my plans. God wants his children to have joy, joy that comes from Him, joy that is full, joy that shows in our everyday lives, no matter what we are going through, a joy that makes other people ask what we have that is different. I pray to focus on all the good things that I have, to focus on my good health, the health of my children, my loving family, the ability to stay home with my kids, the home that we live in, cars that are paid for and still run, etc. etc. etc. Lord convict me when I start focus on what I don't have, what I want, what I "deserve". Renew my joy just for Life.

Another lesson learned from my child.....they just keep coming.

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