Sunday, September 6, 2009

I am already seeing a beginning to Reagan and Gracen's "sister" relationship. It is so sweet. When I place Gracen in her Bumbo or her bouncy seat, Reagan just has to sit down beside her to "chat", as she calls it. She gets right in Gracen's face and says, "I'm your big sister," "You love your big sister, don't you?", "Here is sister!", etc. She says these phrases over and over again. It is cute to watch. Gracen is probably thinking, "I know who you are and get out of my face."

Reagan made Gracen laugh first, even though I tried and tried. Reagan was dancing in front of her, singing and doing jumping jacks, and all of a sudden, Gracen gave the deepest belly laugh. It surprised me and Reagan. Reagan continued her show and Gracen continued her deep little laugh, and I just about wet my pants from laughing at the two of them. One of those moments I wish I had on video. I wish it could always be this sweet. No sibling rivarly, no jealousy, no fighting, just love, smiles, and giggles. A mom can dream right?

I do pray for a close, loving relationship between the two of them. All of my childhood memories involve my sisters in one way or another. I love them both and cannot imagine my life without them.


  1. I am so thankful my boys have each other! There are SO many days when I can't say that because they are arguing over anything & everything. I pray that they will remain close over the years & always rely on each other!

  2. I love you to, with lots of memories as well - want to share? Reagan is going to be a great sister - just always teach them to protect family, and that the home is a safe place for all! It has worked for me so far!