Thursday, September 24, 2009


Well Little Miss Gracen had her 4 month well visit today. She is actually 4 months and 3 weeks old, but the doctor's vacation got me all off track. I tried to tell him that this was going to make my baby book and Gracen's first year calendar entries all off as well, but he still chose to take a vacation. I guess 10 years from now it won't matter that my dates are 3 week off. Anyway, she is doing great, measuring 25 inches in length and weighing 14 pounds. Dr. Simon said her neck is looking a lot better with great range of movement, so all the exercises we have been doing have paid off. She is the happiest baby. After 2 shots she whined a minute and then smiled at the nurse who gave her the shots. I ran some errands with her after our appointment, and I don't think she made a sound in the car.....even after all those shots. As I shopped, she laid in her stroller and cooed and smiled. Now, that's what I am talking about. We had a "fussy" baby the first go around, so this is a nice change of pace.

As I read through the Facebook entries today, everyone is saying that they are ready for the weekend, but I got to be honest. Our weekends are pretty busy. I prefer the week days myself.
I don't know how our weekends keep getting so busy, but September and October are jammed packed. Tomorrow (Friday) I have to go to the grocery store in the morning to buy stuff for a hospital snack basket and food our college fellowship, after lunch I have to drop my kids off at my Mom's house and then go to visit a friend in the hospital, then return to pick up the kids, get back home, get some food ready, and the college girls will be arriving around 7:30. Saturday morning I have to get up and cook some quiches for a shower, go to Riley Anne's baby shower from 10:00 to 12:00 (which I am helping with), come home for lunch, and then take Reagan to a birthday party from 3:00 to 5:00. On Sunday, we are at church from 9:00 to 12:00, come home for lunch and nap, and then head back from 4:30 to 8:00. Yeah, the weekend is busy.

The next 2 weekends are exactly like this. It makes me tired just thinking about everything we have to do. I guess each thing in and of itself is not bad, but when I am working around 2 children, nap times, and nursing sessions, things get a little bit tricky. It was so much easier to work everything in with one child. Reagan was at that age where she was easy. She went wherever I did and her nap time wasn't a huge factor. But having an infant again....let's just say that I am still getting used to it. Of course, I wouldn't trade Gracen for anything. Thankfully, as I said above, she has an easy disposition, and she really does roll with the punches.

It was hot and muggy today. I am so ready for fall and the cool weather. It is my favorite time of year. I can hardly wait to post some pictures of the girls at the Pumpkin Patch and get them all dressed for our Fall Festival on Halloween weekend. Great times ahead.

I'll try to blog tomorrow but don't be surprised if it doesn't happen. I will be leaving the house at 8:00am and won't return home until late afternoon.....with people coming over a few hours later. Like I said, "I'm ready for the work week to return."

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