Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Shopping

We have had a busy couple of days. Yesterday, I starting the hunt for spring clothes for the girls. All of a sudden the weather is warming up, which is wonderful, but that means that both girls need some clothes. I have been picking up things for Reagan over the last couple of weeks, so she wasn't in total need, but Gracen didn't even have one short sleeve shirt. On Monday, I dropped Reagan off at preschool at 8:20 and Gracen and I headed to Eastchase. I went to Target, Khol's, Old Navy, Vitamin Shoppe, and Lifeway. Gracen was picture perfect. She is an amazing car rider, usually not even making a peep. We were out and about until I had to pick Reagan up at 2:00 and she didn't even whine. She took a nap in Old Navy around 11:00 while riding in her stroller, so I had to kill some time in that store. I ended up staying in there for over an hour. That may explain why I spent the most money in that store. Ha! I bought both girls about 4 outfits, Reagan's Easter dress, and a few things for myself. I really wanted to buy Gracen and Reagan matching dresses for Easter, and I made the mistake of mentioning this to Reagan. She made it very clear that she was not matching Gracen. I asked her why and she said, "Because Gracen is a baby and I am not wearing baby clothes." Point well taken. My dreams of that Easter picture with my girls matching and me and Gene blending perfectly went out the window just like that. They are both wearing pink, so maybe I can find something pink. But, I can assure you that Gene DeVaughn will not wear pink. I will try, but I don't think it is going to happen.

(For those who have daughters, did you always match them for Easter? Just wondering.)

In Lifeway, I bought a movie for Reagan, a cartoon, detailing the Easter story. We are going to watch it tonight as a family and talk about it. I have several Easter books that we are also reading as we get closer and closer to Easter. I purchased the Resurrection Egg set, an interactive retelling of the Easter story. I thought Reagan would like opening all those eggs and guessing what each item represents. We will be doing this over the next two weeks as well.

I made a few more purchases for their Easter baskets too. I love filling up those baskets. Holidays are just fun with kids, aren't they? Expensive, but fun!

Today, I had to go buy groceries, which I usually do on Monday while Reagan is in school. I don't really enjoy taking both girls to the grocery store, but thankfully they were really good. I also still needed to get Reagan some Spring shoes, and she needed to be with me to try them on. You can't wear all those new spring clothes without spring sandals, now can you? I found her Easter shoes and another pair of sandals. I also wanted to get her some little white Keds, but could not find any in Prattville,or at least not in her size.

I don't know about you guys, but spring is my favorite season and it really makes me want to spend money. I mean who doesn't love getting all new spring clothes with matching shoes, jewelry, and purses. There are so many adorable sandals out there that I almost had a heart attack at the Shoe Station Superstore. My goodness. I fell in love with about 5 pairs. I also saw several purses that I liked too. Did I buy any of this? No! Gene would have killed me. Anyway, in the spring there are so many things that I want to get....house plants, new patio cushions, new doormats, new wreaths, new yard toys for the girls, mulch for the flower beds, etc. I will spare you my entire list. Let's just say that I am praying through my discontentment with all things old and dingy from the drab, cold winter.

I am loving this warm weather and it looks like it is going to be pretty and warm all week. I am looking forward to it!

Until next time...

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