Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Break

Reagan has really been looking forward to Spring Break. It has been a little depressing that the weather has not been better because we are all ready to get out of the house. I love sprucing up the yard...replacing the mulch, hanging and planting new plants, updating the wreaths and rugs, etc. Reagan loves to be outside with us as we work in the yard and we haven't been able to do any of that yet. So, for this week of Spring Break we have had to find some fun things to do inside. On Monday night we had a family movie night. Reagan LOVES this. We got out our Queen sized air mattress, popped popcorn, opened cans of Sprite (a treat for Reagan because she doesn't drink carbonated soft-drinks), and settled in to watch a new movie that we bought her for the occasion. We had to wait until Gene got home because Monday is one of his late nights and this also gave me time to get Gracen to sleep, because who can enjoy a movie night with 10 month old crawling everywhere....not me! Reagan was in hog heaven. (weird saying really because nothing about hogs is heavenly) We were up until about 10:30, which is very late for a 4 year old, and I could have easily gone to sleep at 8:00 when I laid Gracen down, but I know that we are making memories.

Reagan has also been asking to have a slumber party with one of her little girlfriends. I don't think she is old enough for this yet, so my solution was to invite her cousin Abby to come and spend the night. Reagan thinks that her cousins Abby and Ariel hung the moon. They are both much older and Reagan looks up to them and wants to do everything they do. Here is Abby with us on Tuesday night.

Reagan and Abby had a wonderful time. They played dress-up and played all kind of games. They danced to music in Reagan's room with her CD player up as loud as it would go. They ate Pizza Hut pizza. They took a bath in my tub and had a tea party in there. Abby also taught her how to hold her breath under the bath water and how to make crazy hair do's with the lather from the shampoo. They had their own movie night, again on the air mattress, complete with popcorn and drinks. We were up again until about 10:30. UGH!

Here there are on the air mattress in their pajamas ready for the movie.

Gracen watched a little bit of the movie as well.
All was well until Abby woke up around 2:00 with a stomach ache. She said she felt like she was going to throw up. That is not good. I don't do well with throw up, but I tried to comfort her the best I could. I laid with her for over an hour in our den. She started asking to call Gran (Gene's mother, who lives right behind our house). I debated on this for about 30 minutes because I truly hated to wake her up. I started to think that maybe Abby was just a little scared and uncomfortable sleeping in a new place and she didn't seem even close to going back to sleep. So, I caved and called Gran and at 3:30 I was in the car driving Ab to her house. Turns out she did have an upset stomach and just needed to use the bathroom and wouldn't do it at our house. All was well after that. Everyone, in both houses, went back to sleep and thankfully all children slept until after 8:00. I did too.

On Wednesday, Gran and I took Reagan, Gracen, Abby and Jacob (Abby's brother) to Pump It Up in Montgomery. They had a blast. Here are a few pictures. It was very difficult to get good pictures of them together because they simply would not be still.
Here is Reagan coming down the big slide.
Here is the only shot of the 3 older kids together.
Here is one of Jacob and Reagan playing and of course, Reagan turned her head right when I snapped the picture.
Here is Jacob with Gracen. He is was so sweet with her. Every few minutes he would come up to her and rub her head or straighten her hair bow. Too cute!

Here is Gran (Gene's mom) with my girls. This is the best picture. Gracen would not look at the camera and Reagan wasn't exactly cooperating with the camera either.

And here is Abby and Gracen. Gracen just loves her. Again, Gracen would not smile at the camera.
We really had a fun day.
I was so tired when we got home at 3:30. I was just ready to lay down because two nights in a row of little sleep catches up with me quickly at 36 years old. No rest for the weary though. We had church and got back in the car at 4:40 for dinner, followed by worship.
Once we got back home, we all went to sleep by 9:00 and we slept until about 7:30. Now that is a good night's sleep.

*In my study of So Long Insecurity, this week's assignment was to read Chapter 9 out loud. It was a collection of prayers. There were no questions to answer and nothing to share publicly. I was suppose to just find time alone with God to cry out to Him about my issues, which I did. The time was sweet.
*I did go to the orthodontist on Tuesday. I have easy fix. My top and bottom teeth are misaligned so I will need braces on the top and the bottom for at least 2 years. I have a cross-bite and too many teeth, so 4 would need to be pulled before braces. All of this would cost around $6,000, with $2,000 down to get started.....clearly not in the budget of a one-income family. At least not today. I am going to check with cosmetic dentist and just see. Not anticipating an easy or cheap fix there either. The good news is that the orthodontist said that he didn't think my teeth would continue to get worse....just stay the same. I have to look for the positive somewhere.
Oh well. I guess my security is not suppose to come from beautiful teeth.
Gene is off today, tomorrow, and Saturday....Yeah. We are hanging out around the house today and we are going to the zoo tomorrow. Should be fun! Maybe Gene and I can even work in a date night. It has been 2 weeks, so it is time. We'll see.
Until tomorrow.

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  1. Love all the pictures, also I forgot to tell you last night that I saw a flyer for Journey church they are doing a live telecast for the study you are doing. I will have to look at the flyer again when I go to the Y today, but if you want to go I would love to go with you and I am sure Jenna would too. And if you and Bro. Gene decide on a date night feel free to call us, we would love to watch the girls!