Friday, March 19, 2010

Quick Hello/Cleaning Schedule

I don't have much to really talk about today. Nothing with any spiritual depth for sure. I am loving this Spring Break schedule with no where to be first thing in the morning and lazy days. Gene was home all day yesterday and he gave me a lot of free time. Jacob and Abby were here again playing with Reagan, and they were all outside for a good portion of the day. If Gracen was awake, she was outside with Daddy as well. I cleaned and got caught up on the laundry. I painted my nails and toenails and read my Beth Moore book, with my Bible of course. I went and had my hair colored and cut so I was away from the house, by myself, from 3:00 to 5:00...Nice! When I got back home, I had dinner ready in the crock pot, so the evening went smoothly as well. Both girls were asleep by 7:45 and Gene and I enjoyed a quiet night together. We watched the American Idol episodes from this week because we were unable to watch them on Tuesday and Wednesday night.

If you watch American Idol, I am wondering what you think about it this season? To me, there is no one "stand out" who I am routing for. During all the auditions, I thought the talent was amazing, but so far I have been a little disappointed. I also do not like Ellen. She has no musical talent and has nothing really constructive to say. Other than making an occasional joke, I don't understand her purpose for being there. I really like the judge Kara and I miss Paula, but oh well!

I have been working on my cleaning schedule and have been following a very rough schedule for the past week and a half. I am tweaking it daily and adding things as I think about them, but so far, here is the simple version.

Monday- Make grocery list and menu for the week....gather coupons
Errand Day/Grocery shopping Day (Reagan is in preschool until 2:00)
*Clean something out....this past Monday, I cleaned out our junk drawer in the kitchen

Tuesday- Laundry Day
Clean the den, dining room, and foyer

Wednesday- Clean the kitchen and pantry -more than basic clean-up from the daily meals
*Water plants

Thursday- Clean up Gracen's room, Reagan's room, and their bathroom
*Laundry Day

Friday- Clean Master bedroom, bathroom, and closet

Saturday- Family Day/Catch Up Day
Pay Bills, Balance Checkbook

This schedule has already helped me. I don't feel overwhelmed each day, looking at the whole house and feeling like a failure because I cannot get it all done. So far I have been able to do each day's task, and I feel like I have accomplished something. I am going to try it for a few weeks and make changes as necessary. I am thinking I might need another laundry day, but we'll see.

Well, we are headed to the zoo in just a bit. Hopefully, I will get some cute pictures of Gracen's first zoo trip. I will try to post them tomorrow.

Until then....

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