Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Today I wanted to share a few snapshots that I have taken of the girls over the last week or so. I am starting to see this little relationship develop and I deeply desire for that relationship to be a positive one. I have mentioned this before, but I want Reagan and Gracen to love each other, to protect each other, to respect each other, and to want the best for one another. I am not exactly sure how to achieve this goal. I do not allow them to yell at one another, to call each other names, or to hit (or hurt) one another. Throughout the day, I have to stop what I am doing to talk to Reagan about how God would feel about the way she is treating her sister and share a Bible verse with her. Yesterday, she rolled her eyes....perfect! That was the exact response I was going for.

I will persevere though. It may be years before I see the fruit, but I am trusting God for exactly that... and respect in their relationship. I know that His Word will not return void.

Here they are sitting in a chair in the den, watching television together.Sorry for the ugly bowls in the picture. Reagan gets those out to "drum on" with spoons. One morning following one of our family movie nights.... We didn't put the mattress up and they laid together for a while.
I loves these pictures. Both girls were in Reagan's room and Gene and I noticed it had gotten really quiet. We walked in to find this...
This was a big deal because Reagan had been very stingy with her new Leapster, a Christmas gift, and Gracen had been very curious about it. Reagan was talking to Gracen about the pictures on the screen, and Gracen was very content to just listen without trying to grab it out of her hands.

And here is one that I posted recently...making cookies together. Gracen wants to be right beside Reagan at all times.

I found a great blog entry with suggestions of how to nurture the sibling relationship. I wanted to give the link in case any other mothers out there feel like I do. You want to encourage a healthy sibling relationship, but you're just not exactly sure how to do that.... You can read the blog entry HERE. I thought it gave a lot of great tips.

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