Monday, January 17, 2011

It's Monday

I know it is Monday, but I really don't have much of a weekend wrap-up. I have literally been stuck at home since Wednesday with a sick child, except for 2 visits to the pediatrician's office, if you can count that as an outing. Thankfully, Gracen is so much better. The only symptom left is a green, snotty nose. The rest of us took a homeopathic supplement that is suppose to stop the flu, and so far so good.

Yesterday afternoon, I was able to take the girls outside for a little while to get some fresh air because it was much warmer than it had been. It was so nice and made me yearn for spring. Then we had an early supper and did one of our family movie nights. Gracen did really well this time, sitting for most of the movie.

The James Bible study starts today that I mentioned last week. The main web-site is This is what I have settled on for my quiet times in the mornings. Dana Roten and I are doing it together and emailing one another for accountability. If anyone would like to join us, please email me at It is not too late to start. I will get you the links and help you get started. And, Beth Moore is currently writing a Bible study on the book of James and I would love to do it when I finish this 3 month study. I hope it comes out about the same time.

This week is a big week at our house. Reagan turns 5 on Wednesday. We are redoing her room for her birthday and she has been asking for a room that is pink and is currently pink and brown, which was my choice, not hers. Just last night she said, "Who picked this anyway?" She was talking about the brown portion of her room because she no longer likes brown. She says that it is a boy color. I guess it is time for a change. So today, we are going shopping to let her pick out her new bedding and some accessories and then we will go and pick out a matching paint color for her walls.

On Wednesday, her actual birthday, she informed me that she wanted a cupcake for breakfast, complete with a candle. I said, "Really...a cupcake for breakfast, huh?" She said, "Oh, yeah, and I am not kidding." Funny!

She has preschool from 8:30-11:30 and I will be taking cupcakes to the class. Then her grandparents will be meeting us at my house for lunch, more cupcakes, and a time of opening presents from them. If you are counting, this will be three sessions of cupcakes on Wednesday. My apologies in advance to the Cubbie workers at church that night. She might be bouncing off the walls.

On Saturday we will be having her Pinkalicious birthday party. I think I have everything I need.

I am so excited for her. I still cannot believe that she has been mine for 5 years, after waiting so long for a baby. She is a gift, a reminder every single day of God's goodness.

Until next time...

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