Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bible Study resources

For those of you who might be looking for some sort of Bible study to do, I thought I would link you to some great options.

The first one is on the Women Living Well Blog. This is one of my favorite blogs to read. The author, Courtney, is so a wife, mother, and growing Christian. She is leading a Bible study on the book of James. It is a walk through the book, teaching you how to study a book of the Bible for yourself. This is something that I want to do more and more, instead of always relying on a much as I love those. You can check it out HERE. It is totally free and you can link up with other sisters in Christ on her sister site Good Morning Girls every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, to see what everyone is learning, by clicking HERE.

Courtney also recommended many great Bible studies that she has completed. You can go and check out those resources HERE and HERE.

Another site that I love to visit is Lysa Terkeurst's blog. She is the president of Proverbs 31 Ministries and has written many books. Her newest book is called Made to Crave. It is basically about a woman's battle with food, self esteem, and what it is that she should really be craving. I bought this book because it looked really interesting to me. My weight has gone up and down my entire life. It is up right now...about 15 pounds up to be exact. But, even at my lowest weight, which was pretty skinny for me, I still didn't feel "pretty" or satisfied with myself. I am missing a link somewhere to fully believing that I am "fearfully and wonderfully made". Anyway, Lysa' blog is HERE. The Made to Crave website is HERE. And there is an online Bible study to go along with the book HERE.....and it is free as well. That study starts January 16th and looks really good. There will be webcasts on Monday evenings to watch online and blog posts written on Monday and Wednesday, I think, to encourage you. There are already 1600 women signed up to participate. I think that is pretty cool.

You can also link up with Beth Moore for her scripture memory challenge. You can read about it HERE.

I have a few other books that I have purchased recently I would like to study as well. I seriously cannot decide what to study, because I cannot do all of these, as much as I would love to.

Oh, so much to little time.

Until next time...

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