Thursday, February 17, 2011


I cannot tell you how much I love God's Word. I love how it speaks to my heart and refreshes me like nothing else can. I love that God has given me a desire for it, and the drive to get up early in the morning to seek Him. He faithfully meets me in those early morning hours.

The other night Gene and I were watching the movie Wallstreet: Money Never Sleeps, with Michael Douglas, who has really aged by the way. It is about businessmen who work on Wallstreet and whose single life pursuit is to watch the market to make more and more money. In a single day the market could change causing them to gain millions or lose millions. The loss could lead to suicide or a destroyed life. I don't know if you have seen the movie or not, but I was struck with the same thought throughout the entire two hours. I shared the thought with Gene at the end of the movie and he said that he was thinking the exact same thing. The thought was this...the pursuit of money is so fleeting and so empty. The Wallstreet moguls pursued money every single day from early morning all the way to bedtime. It consumed them. It was a constant chase to earn more and more. Even on the days when millions were earned through the market and through huge bonuses, these men were never satisfied. They wanted more and more and they were never truly happy, never content or joy-filled. I know it was just a movie, but they say that money makes the world go 'round, right.

It made me so thankful that my life is dedicated to pursuing something that is real and meaningful. It gave me such confidence that I am pursuing the REAL DEAL as I pursue Jesus Christ. I was led to thank God for calling us into ministry. Our days are about pursuing Him and pointing others to do the same. What a blessing!

Have you ever watched a movie that disturbed you or made you so thankful that you were saved? Just curious?

Well, I just wanted to share a quick thought. We are headed to the zoo on this beautiful Thursday.

Until next time...

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