Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our Valentine's Day and Memory Verse #4

Our family had a wonderful Valentine's Day. The day started early, in our bathroom of all places. Gene and I were getting ready for the day, and Reagan came running in around 6:30 a.m., which is about 30 minutes early, yelling "Happy Valentine's Day". She hugged both of us and we gave her a gift. We tried to get her to wait until 7:00 when we would wake Gracen up, but no such luck. Here are few pictures of Reagan opening her gift on our bathroom floor...nice.
I always give the girls a book for Valentines and some candy. This keeps it pretty simple and relatively inexpensive for me. I bought Reagan the new book in the Pinkalicious series, Silverlicious. She loved it. She also has two favorite candies, chocolate and gummies, so that is what she got.

At 7:00, I went into Gracen's room to wake her up. She was still in a deep sleep.

Oh, how I love that little face!

Here she is in the den opening her gift after I got her out of the bed and dressed her.
Sorry for the fuzzy picture....Here she is walking away with her little board book and a little purse with some candy inside. Gracen adores purses and has carried this one around for 2 days now. Reagan is not really into purses so I bought her a little more candy.
After all the morning festivities, I took Reagan to school and ran a few errands with Gracen.
Then I went to Reagan's Valentine's party at her preschool.
Here is a picture of her enjoying the food.

After school, we went to visit my mother who was keeping Hayden, my little niece. She is the same age as Gracen, and it is always fun to get them together and watch them play. We stayed with them for a long time and my mother gave Valentine gifts to the girls.
Of course I forgot to take any pictures.
We came home for room time/nap time.
I thought I had a long leisurely afternoon ahead of me and could put off cleaning the house and getting ready for my dinner date with Gene for at least a few hours. He was suppose to be home at 5:30, but Bro. Glenn dismissed all the staff of EMBC around 3:30 to go and be with their spouses on Valentines. That was really nice. Gene called his mom on his way home from work and got her to come and pick up the girls early and our date night started at 4:00. Funny!
We had a wonderful dinner: steaks, baked potatoes, Caesar salad, yeast rolls, and chocolate for dessert...all by candlelight. We watched a movie and had some yummy flavored coffee. I was so full at bedtime, I wasn't sure I could sleep, but I did. What a great night! We just savored the peace and quiet and truly enjoyed each other's company.
On to my scripture memory verse #4...
Today is the 15th which means I pick a new verse of scripture to memorize. I have done well so far and have the first three set to memory, and it is amazing how timely the verses become and how God brings them to my mind throughout the day.
For the next two weeks, I decided to go with James 1:26-27. This is from my current study and I actually just blogged about these verses HERE. They have really been on my heart and mind so I think I will commit them to memory.
James 1:26-27 "If anyone considers himself to be religious and yet does not keep a tight reign on his tongue, he deceives himself and his religion is worthless. Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world." (NIV)
That is such a powerful verse to me. I want it to be true of my life, which means that I have some work to do, not in my own power, but by the power of the Holy Spirit at work within me.

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  1. Sleeping babies are beyond precious, so peaceful and beautiful.