Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

This will be short and sweet.

It is after 10:00 on Monday night and I am tired. I am falling into this pattern of going to sleep around 10:30 because there is so much to be done after the girls go to bed. This is not good for me. I normally go to sleep around 9:00 because I really NEED at least 8 hours of sleep. I would really like to break this cycle, but apparently that is not going to happen tonight.

I did want to say a quick "Hello" to everyone and give a report on our "Oh so boring weekend". Gene left to go out of town on Friday morning, and I am always immediately sad when he leaves. I remained kind of sad until he returned on Sunday afternoon. I tried to do things with the girls to keep ourselves busy. Reagan had swimming lessons on Friday and we went to the library, and the post office. I know, I know...exciting stuff. We picked up a movie for a family movie night, minus Gene. We got out the big air mattress, complete with popcorn and Sprite. Reagan enjoyed the movie, while I spent the evening getting on to Gracen who is in to everything. We got in the bed around 10:00.

On Saturday, Reagan had swimming lessons again that morning and then we headed home for lunch and Gracen's nap. Gene's mom came out and kept the girls for me while I went to Montgomery to clean my sister's office. I do this once a month for "mad money". Isn't it sad that I was actually excited about this little outing? It was nice to be alone and to be able to listen to some great preaching on my Ipod. Even cleaning toilets was a little slice of heaven in the middle of a very long weekend. When I got home, Gracen was just waking up from an "over 3 hour long" nap that affected her bedtime, so I paid the price for my freedom. I cooked the girls spaghetti, at Reagan's request, we ate, I cleaned the kitchen, I bathed the girls, and I finally made it to the bed around 10:30.

On Sunday, I headed to church. I am very used to getting everyone ready and out the door by myself so this was nothing unusual. Gene got home around 3:30 and we headed back to church around 5:30....home around 8:30 and bedtime close to 11:00...ugh!

I warned you that the weekend wasn't very exciting! Sometimes life is just like that isn't it!

I am very thankful that Gene is home and even more thankful that we are leaving on a trip together on Sunday. We will be gone for a week WITHOUT the girls. I am getting pretty excited about this and I am hoping that I can lay down before 10:00 each night and actually sleep all night long....and maybe even sleep past 6:00 a.m.

A girl can dream can't she?

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  1. A week away will be so nice, as much as I travel I never get to go anywhere with just Brian, since my traveling is always during the week. Enjoy your time!