Friday, July 2, 2010

Long Days of Summer

Well, I still need your prayers. I have done a little bit better in the late afternoons, but I am still really itching for a break by about 4:00, and I am really "done" by about 6:00. When Gene gets home, I want to turn the girls over to him and crash. Tonight after supper, I was walking around holding my Bible open to 1 Peter. I really wanted to sit down and read the book because my spirit was feeling a little empty and I just love 1 and 2 Peter. Anyway, I was holding my Bible, thinking that at any moment I could sit down and read and then I just kept seeing something that needed to be done or someone needed me or needed me to get something for them. I thought maybe Gene would just take the girls outside or something because he knew my day had been long. I know his days are long as well, but he needs to spend some quality time with the girls too. About 7:30, I finally made it to my bedroom and the quiet was wonderful. I did get to read my Bible and it did make me feel better. I also showered and painted my toenails, two things that would make any girl feel better.

Who knew the hot days of summer would be so difficult with 2 children who are different ages and simply do not like to do the same things? We try to go outside and do some things, but Gracen doesn't really care for the outdoors and is sweating like a pig in 5 minutes. The more she sweats the grumpier she gets. Reagan loves the kiddie pool, the slip and slide, and the sprinkler, but I think you can guess how these activities turn out with a toddler who is not all that steady on her feet. If we walk out onto my driveway, Gracen is trying to eat the rocks. If we are are in the backyard, she is trying to walk "into" the electric fence because she wants to get closer to Paw Paw's cows. I could give many more examples, but I will spare you the details.

So because the outside is so difficult, we try to stay inside. What can you really do inside all day? I read to Gracen is climbing all over me and trying to tear the pages.

I paint and color with Reagan as Gracen is trying to eat the crayons and drink the paint and yanks everything to the floor. Introduce her ability to climb up onto the kitchen chairs and now I have a whole new set of problems.

I get out the play dough and the moon sand and I could have sworn their was purple moon sand in Gracen's poo poo the other day. You know she is always trying to eat the stuff.

The longer we are inside, enclosed in tight quarters, the girls start to "argue" and I do use that term loosely because Gracen doesn't truly know how to fight. She has learned to throw a temper tantrum though when Reagan irritates her or will not give her something, which she is starting to use quite often to get her way. The little spankings she receives on her hand are about to move to her little fat leg. I think it is time. When she throws herself down on the floor, screams out and then stops and looks up at me, she wants a reaction, and she is about to get one.

I thought about going several places today, but again, it is hard to do something with a toddler and a 4 year old. Everything I thought of would be impossible with little Gracen. Poor Reagan.

Any ideas out there of how to survive these long summer days.... I am open to suggestions... really. I know that this is just a difficult season and in a few years, I will look back on these days and laugh...or breath a deep sigh of relief that the baby days are gone.

Of course, then I'll miss them.

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  1. My advice - start having friends over to play with Reagan. At least once a week. Super fun for her and she doesn't always feel like she is always being told No because of Gracen.