Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our Family Vacation

It has been a while since I have blogged. Our family was out of town last week for our annual vacation to Orange Beach, AL. We returned on Monday afternoon and it has taken me until now to catch up on house work, laundry, reading all the mail, running errands like buying groceries, etc. Not to mention it took a while to upload all the pics and then find time to sit down and write this entry.
This is basically a post of pictures....a lot of pictures....and, I am embarrassed to say that I probably have 100 more shots that I didn't add. What can I say, when it comes to my children and my family, every moment is photo worthy.

Here is the pool area outside our condo. Reagan LOVED this slide and the lazy river that went around the entire pool area. Actually we all loved that lazy river, even Gracen did really well in it.
Lazy River
My younger sister Lindsay and her daughter, Hayden....she was exhausted from all the fun in the sun.
Reagan, my niece Ariel, Gracen, and my mom
Gracen and me on our first morning to the pool. I was really "white"...I had not had time to roast yet.

Gene and Gracen

My Dad
First night out...Shrimp Basket...Gene, my nephew Dean, and my Dad

Gene and me

Miss Gracen

My mom, Reagan, and Ariel

Go carts...Reagan and Ariel

After the ride....does Reagan look a little scared?

My parents with Gracen...watching the go carts

Early morning...Dean, Ariel, and Reagan
My niece, Hayden

Hayden with her Daddy, Brian
Gracen and Dean

The babies in their pajamas...with Brian

Family shots at LuLu's restuarant Ariel and Reagan
Dean and GracenMom and Dad
My older sister Lori and her husband Scott (Ariel and Dean's mom and dad)

Brian, Lindsay, and Brian

Gracen in the sand
A new family favorite...a restaurant called The HangOut

Sand area at The HangOut
A few beach shots...we didn't see any oil

We had an absolute blast! If I could live at the beach, minus the hurricanes, I would. I can hardly wait to go back next year.
Thanks Mom and Dad for everything you do for us. You guys always sacrifice so we can enjoy. I love you.

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