Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Gene

Today is Gene's 38th birthday.

Happy, Happy Birthday Gene! I love you more every single day and I am so thankful to God for you!
I am not going to write a sappy note for the world to read but I thought I would share at least 10 things that I love about Gene. It is actually hard to limit it to 10 because there are dozens of things that I love about him, but here goes...
1. I love that he loves God.
2. I love that he loves God in such a way that it affects everything that he does and says. He is a man of integrity modeled for me every single day.
3. I love that he is such a loving and attentive husband and father. He makes us feel like he adores all 3 of us.
4. I love that he loves life and laughs all the time.
5. I love that he always sees the positive in all things.
6. I love that he has such a forgiving nature and will not fight with me when I get in a bad mood.
7. I love that he is like a woman and will shop all day long. He loves shopping for clothes and things for the house as much as I do.
8. I love that he is like the energizer bunny and will work all day around this house until everything inside and outside is perfect. He keeps a beautiful yard.
9. I love that he respects his extended family and expects me to do the same. When I get worked up about something that a relative says or does, he talks me back down.
10. I love that we love the same movies and free time activities. Spending the day with him is always doing something that I would love to do right by myself....but of course, being with him makes it that much better. ( For example, we love when the James Bond marathon comes on, usually in December....pop us some popcorn and we are happy all day.)
11. a bonus....I love him for loving me. Life is so much sweeter with him.
Happy Birthday Gene. I am looking forward to Longhorn and Starbucks tonight...2 of our favorite places.
I hope you have an awesome day!

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  1. I love that you guys love each other and that God brought both of you into my life! Hope Bro. Gene has/had a great birthday!