Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up

This entry should be relatively short, if that is possible for me, because there isn't a lot to wrap-up from the weekend. Both of my girls were sick so I was pretty much confined to my house. Reagan woke up Thursday morning coughing, sneezing, and complaining that her throat hurt. By Thursday night, her nose was running and I could tell by looking at her that she didn't feel good. I kept her home from school on Friday and tried my best to keep Gracen away from her. I also spent the day wiping off Gracen's hands and all her toys to keep her from catching whatever Reagan had. Well, as you can probably imagine, this was a complete waste of energy because Gracen woke up with it Saturday morning. Ugh!!!! Neither one of them had fever so maybe this was just a cold. They both seem better today, but Gracen's nose is still nasty.

I was so disappointed that they were sick. Gene was leading a D-NOW weekend at our previous church, Shoal Creek Baptist, and I was so looking forward to going and seeing old friends. Gene spoke Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday night, and Sunday morning for the entire church. I was hoping to go to either the Friday or Saturday night service and the Sunday morning service, and was unable to go to anything. Sick babies want their mommies, right? I told Gene about 2 weeks ago, that I knew something would happen with one of the girls to prevent me from getting to go with him, and low and behold, I was right. It was a long, lonely weekend and by Saturday night....which was the 3rd time he left without me, I wanted to cry as he walked out the door. God specifically spoke to my heart that evening, reminding me how many years that I had prayed for these two children that I have. He reminded me that they are blessings to enjoy, not hardships to endure. Those thoughts certainly brought me a little comfort. Gene and I were married for 10 years before Reagan's arrival, and I was by Gene's side at most events. I got to come and go as I wanted, I went to bed when I wanted, I woke up when I wanted, and I spent my money on what I wanted. Motherhood has changed all that, and as much as I adore my girls, sometimes that is still a hard pill to swallow.

On the other hand, I really felt like I had been given the gift of time over the weekend. I didn't feel any pressure to do house work or run errands because I was suppose to have been gone anyway. Instead, I spent a lot of time with Reagan, especially when Gracen was sleeping. We made Valentine cards and colored together on Saturday. Saturday night we watched a new movie and popped popcorn and just layed on the floor together. On Sunday, we played every game she owns. I got out Memory for the first time and she really impressed me. She beat me the first round and I wasn't even trying to "let her win". We spent a lot of time playing Candyland and Chutes and Ladders. It was really nice. I enjoyed just talking to her and listening to her. She is really a smart little girl.

Gene and I continued on with Love Dare #2 over the weekend, even though I didn't see him that much. I did little things over several days that I don't normally do, like ironing his clothes. He called to check in with me more than normal and on Sunday afternoon he sent me to our bedroom for some free time while he watched the girls before heading back to church. That was a nice couple of hours. He also asked me several times if there was anything I needed help with. So, I guess all of those were random acts of kindness.

Gene won't be home until 9:00 tonight, so I guess we will move on to Love Dare #3 on Tuesday, when I actually get to see him before bedtime.

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