Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow, Valentine's Day, and a Chore Chart

We had a really fun weekend together as a family. On Friday, it snowed and snow never ceases to amaze me here in central Alabama. It was so beautiful outside and so warm inside. Gene and Reagan played outside for close to 2 hours...maybe more. I had to stay inside with Gracen because she still had the remnants of a cold. Her little nose was still running and she was coughing, a new symptom that started on Thursday. I couldn't risk bringing her out in the cold, even for the snow. I hope she will forgive me for missing it.

I did run out and take a picture or two.

This first picture is when the snow first started to fall. Reagan wanted to catch the snow flakes on her tongue so she and Gene sat in the yard with their tongues out for a good 10 minutes, off and on. She had a blast running around the yard with her tongue out....too funny.

Remember the sword she wanted for getting a shot at the doctor's office on Thursday. It is in the picture too.

Here is a picture of the two of them after the snow really started coming down. We were so amazed to see the snow fall from 10:00 a.m. to almost 5:00 p.m. After this picture, Reagan and Gene headed back to Gene's parent's house, which is behind the metal building to see in the background of the picture. Reagan's cousin's, Abby and Jacob, were there and they played in the snow together for the rest of the time. They did take breaks, coming in to drink some hot chocolate. Unfortunately, these are really the only pictures I took because I had to stay home with Gracen.

The next event of the weekend was Valentine's Day. We celebrated on Saturday because Sundays are so incredibly busy for us. Here is a picture of the breakfast I made for my little family. We had blueberry pancakes, cheese grits, and pigs in a blanket. Reagan helped me of course. She loves to mix and stir the pancake mix. She loved the heart-shaped pancake mold. I didn't love it quite as much because I could only make 2 pancakes at a time and it took forever. Using my griddle, I usually make about 4 or 5 pancakes at a time and with Gracen crawling around, I want to do everything quick. In the moment, this really tried my patience, but looking back, I am glad that we did it. I know I am making memories in her little mind.

Here is Reagan sitting in front of her breakfast....and yes, she is in the same Ariel nightgown that you have seen her wear in many pictures. She loves that thing. She has had it for well over a year and it hasn't gotten old to her yet.

Gracen didn't really get the Valentine breakfast, but we did bring her over to get in the picture with Reagan.

Here is Reagan opening her Valentine present from us. We do not do much for this holiday. I have always gotten Reagan a hardback book that tells her how much I love her and some candy. In the cover of the book I write the date and a Valentine's message telling her how much we love her. She has all 4 books from the past 4 Valentine Days on her bookshelf. Hopefully, these books will be something that she will always keep and treasure as she grows up.
This year, her book wasn't a sappy, I love you book, but one that was so Reagan, I knew she would like it. It is called Pinkalicious, and it is about a little girl who loves pink, loves to dress up, and loves cupcakes...all of Reagan's favorite things too. Inside, I started her little inscription, "To my little pink princess...." We have already read this book 10 times.

Here is Gracen with her Valentine book. It is a sappy love book called My Youngest, There's No One Like You. Reagan has one by the same author called My Adopted Child, There's No One Like You. This series of books talks about birth order and basically tells each child in the family that she is special and loved regardless of how and when she came into the family. They are very sweet. Doesn't Gracen look excited?
Gene and I went out to eat on Thursday night in honor of Valentine's Day and we never exchange presents.
Changing the subject, I ordered a chore chart for Reagan. Now that she is 4, I thought she needed to start contributing to the family and earning some money. So far she has loved it. When she completes her "task" she will holler "Chore chart, chore chart," and run to it to put her smiley faces up. So far, she is picking up her toys and even making her bed...even though that bed looks nothing like a "made bed" should look, if you know what I mean. She is also getting smiley faces for brushing her teeth, dressing herself, helping me with indoor chores, saying please and thank you, and no whining. She is getting a quarter for each completed basically a quarter a day. We are going to change the jobs every couple of weeks, based on what she needs to work on.
Here are a few shots of the chart. It is hanging in our laundry room.

Well, this is basically my weekend wrap-up. Tomorrow I hope to continue talking about the Love Dare a little bit, and I am also several chapters into my new book So Long Insecurity, so I need to share some from it as well.
Until then.....have a great day!

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  1. Love the cute books and the chore chart. What a great idea. I think I might have to get those books too!