Thursday, February 11, 2010

Random thoughts

My mind is all over the place this week.

Both girls have had colds and even though they are much better, Gracen still has a runny nose and has not been sleeping very well. This means that I am not sleeping very well, which affects my ability to get everything done around the house and still think clearly enough to write an interesting blog entry.

I have been working on some projects around here, using all of my free time. I finally finished Reagan's annual "Birth Mother Book". Every year after her birthday, I write a letter all about Reagan and put together a photo album with captions highlighting our year, and mail it to the adoption agency, who in turn, mails it to the birth mother. I usually mail it the week of her birthday, which was a month ago. I apologized in my letter and blamed Gracen. LOL! I used to be pretty organized and stayed on top of things, but some days I am just doing good to get a shower. Now that Gracen is mobile, sitting at the computer is becoming a thing of the past for sure.

I am also cleaning out closets, preparing for my momMEtime meeting next week, and organizing paper work to have our taxes done in a few days.

Reagan had her 4 year old well visit with her pediatrician today. She is 42 inches tall and weighs 40 pounds. The doctor said that she has the height of an average 5 or 6 year old. Now that I think about it, she is the tallest one in her class. The growth charts predict her to be around 5'9" tall. This doesn't surprise me at all. Her birth parents were very tall. The birth mother was 5'9" and the birth father was 6'2". The birth mother's dad was 6'8". That scares me a little. She could be really, really tall. Maybe we will have a famous basketball player on our hands with some really mad Kristen Emerson.

Reagan got a shot today and she did really well. Children get 3 vaccines at age 5 and I asked if we could go ahead and get one so her 5 year old well visit wouldn't be so dramatic. I told her if she was a really brave girl that we would go to Toy R Us and get a treat. Yes, I bribed my child and I am not embarrassed by that in the least. It worked too. She held her breath and took her shot like a big girl. She didn't even cry. She got off the table and said, "Momma, that wasn't so bad." I asked her if she wanted another one and she said no. I guess it didn't feel all that good.

We headed over to Toys R Us and she wanted a sword. I girly, right? Well, there is a reason. She loves Barbie and the 3 Musketeers and all the girls have swords in that movie. She thinks that is so cool. We found the perfect sword for $5.00 and she asked if she could have two so we could sword fight. Of course, I said yes. I mean I have to be able to protect myself. We have been home a few hours and we have already battled it out. Gracen has been looking at us like we are crazy.

I am about to go get my haircut and then Gene and I have a date night tonight in honor of Valentine's Day. We are headed to Longhorn, our favorite restaurant. We are going to munch down on some steaks and make googly eyes at each other. I am sure we will end up at Starbucks too. We usually do!

I'll post more about the Love Dare soon.

Grab your sweetie and snuggle up. The snow is supposed to start rolling in around midnight. It's going to be a cold one.

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