Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Girls

Over the weekend we had a nice little taste of spring. The weather was in the high 60's and we really enjoyed being outside. Gracen didn't quite know what to think about the grass. She would sit for a minute and then reach for me to pick her up and then reach back to the ground to be put down again. It was really cute. These pictures were taken right after church on Sunday.
Oh, that little smile just melts my heart. Isn't she just precious?

Reagan wasn't feeling very well on Sunday, but she wanted to come outside too. I think she saw my camera come out and she really loves to be in front of that camera. That little blue-eyed beauty melts my heart as well. I love watching these two girls interact. They both love each other so much. As I watched them play in the grass a little bit, I yearned for spring to get here. It felt so good to be out of the house and to just watch them play. I especially loved watching Gracen take everything in. The house is just not big enough and quite frankly, we are all getting bored doing the same thing everyday. There are just not that many exciting indoor options.

Here are a few examples of what I mean. I normally keep all the doors closed because Gracen is literally into everything. She is going to destroy my house if we don't get outside soon. On Monday, Reagan left the bathroom door open and this is what I found. As soon as I stepped into the bathroom, Gracen started crawling away from the mess she made. It is like she knew she was in trouble and she was getting out of dodge.

I left all the toilet paper on the floor because #1 I had no desire to clean it up at that moment and #2 how was I going to get it back neatly on the roll anyway. About 30 minutes after this event, Reagan called me from the bathroom and this is what I found.

As soon as I walked in the bathroom, she said, "I didn't do it!" O, Lord give me patience!
And then, today I walked into my foyer to find this...
Again, Gracen immediately start to crawl away.
Oh, Spring, please hurry! I need to get out of this house.


  1. Between Hayden, Gracen and Reagan - y'all are cracking me up! Such sweet memories for me!!!

  2. Mrs. Lesley your girls are so beautiful!

  3. Mrs. Lesley Your girls are so precious!

  4. So precious and so glad it isn't just my house that is being destroyed. Really makes me smile at the thought of sweet, innocent little Gracen actually getting in to anything.