Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Few Pictures

It has been several days since I have been able to post a blog. December has proven to be a pretty busy month...why am I surprised by this? I thought I would share a few snap shots of the girls.

Here is Reagan in her room with her own Christmas tree. I found it last year at Target for $7.00 the day after Christmas. I decided she needed her own tree because she kept bringing home all these paper ornaments and handmade treasures from Mother's Day Out to hang on our tree. Well, they didn't exactly go with our theme. This was the perfect solution without hurting her self esteem. She loves the tree and we leave the lights on in her room at night until she falls asleep. She really likes that.

We have been having a little craft time at least twice a week. This usually falls on Tuesday and Thursday because Reagan is at preschool on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:30 to 11:30. Here she is gluing sequins (ornaments) onto a Christmas tree she colored all by herself. She loves to glue. I think she really loves to get it all over her hands and then pick the glue off once it dries. Did anybody else do that as a child? I remember doing that all the time. I don't remember how old I was, but I clearly remember putting white Elmer's glue all over my hand just so I could pick it off. Weird memory, right?

Here is sweet little Gracen. We had just gotten home from church and I think she was just tickled pink to be home. Nursery isn't exactly her favorite place, probably because she is so attached to me. (God Love Her) She is wearing the cutest little Christmas outfit that I found at Kohl's. I just love it. I am sure it will show up in many more pictures because it is the only Christmas outfit she has. The cheap side of me simply cannot buy multiple outfits that she will only wear for one month.

Here she is sitting in her high chair ready to eat lunch. Look at that little face. Couldn't you just eat her up? On a side note, looking at this photo, I just realized that I am putting her hair bows in backwards. You don't want to see the metal alligator clip from the front...do you? Oh well, no one has corrected me. How are moms suppose to learn these sort of things? And yes, I realize this is my second daughter. I guess Reagan's bows were always backwards.

This past Saturday I took Reagan to a "Characters Christmas Breakfast". She absolutely loved it. The characters were mostly Disney's Princesses, which is the main reason I took her, but there were a few other random characters there like Spiderman, a pirate, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins, and Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Honestly, she just sorted nodded at these other characters. They just weren't as important to her as the princesses.
She did like it when Spiderman jumped up in the chair next to her. She looked at me and smiled and just shook her head. It was pretty cute.
Here she is with Cinderella.

Here she is with Ariel, the Little Mermaid. Ariel is her absolute favorite character. We have about 10 pictures with her and she just stared at her as she mingled through the crowd, visiting with each table. Too funny! I guess she knows that she is not REALLY Ariel. Actually, I don't think there is a REAL Ariel since she is a cartoon character. Ha! Ha! Meeting this Ariel was really neat because this is the girl who is coming to Reagan's birthday party in January. She will be performing for an hour, telling the Little Mermaid's story and singing a few of the songs from the movie, with costume changes. Too fun! Anyway, I told this girl that we had booked her for our party and ever time she saw Reagan she would say, "Oh, I am so excited about coming to your birthday. I'll see you in January." Reagan just smiled so big I thought her little face might blow up. I could tell she felt really important.

Here is a picture of Reagan with Belle and the Prince from The Beauty and the Beast. This is her second favorite princess and the fact that the handsome prince was with her was just a bonus. Of course, after meeting this pair she wanted to know why Prince Eric didn't come with Ariel.
Reagan and I really enjoyed the morning. It was so nice to go and do something with just her again. I really miss that. With the arrival of my second child and with breastfeeding, I feel like I am chained to Gracen. I know Reagan has felt that way too. She sat really close to me all morning and held my hand and we just talked while we ate our pancakes. Spending time with each child one on one is important and hopefully I can work out some more time where Reagan and I can go and do some catching up.

The next couple of pictures were taken this past Sunday night at church. Reagan is a part of the preschool choir and they sang two songs for the church body, "Away in a Manager" and "Go Tell It On the Mountain". This was her first time singing in front of such a large crowd and she did a really good job. She is the kind of child where you just really don't know what she is going to do, so I pretty glad that she just stood still and sang. It was a good night.
This first picture is a little blurry. This is right before she went on the stage.

And here she is with the group on the stage. It is not a great picture and doesn't show the whole group but oh well.

Being a mom sure does keep me busy but every single moment is worth it. These two girls are my heart and they both bring me so much joy.

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  1. Great Pictures. Two things - There is a REAL Ariel, and Reagan loves her!!! And second - get this child to Disney World where the real princess and castles are! Ariel has her own world!