Monday, December 28, 2009


We had a wonderful Christmas and I thought I would share a few pictures from the week. Actually, I am sharing about 15 pictures, but considering I took 126 pictures, narrowing it down to 15 was pretty good.

This first picture is of my sweet Granny who lives in Georgiana. We went to visit her on Wednesday, taking her a Christmas gift. She is my only living grandparent and honestly, we do not go to see her enough. She looked good and felt good. I didn't take many pictures but we got to visit with my Uncle Jeff, my Aunt Vivian and Uncle Royce, my cousin Daphne, my second cousins Riley Grace, Carson Anne, Ethan, and parents were also there. We had a really good time just visiting with one another. It was great to see everyone and catch up. Now I really hate that I didn't take more pictures. Maybe next time.

On Christmas Eve, Reagan and I baked two Christmas desserts. This is the first year that she really helped me from start to finish. I even let her use the mixer by herself, and she did pretty well, only picking it up out of the bowl, slinging dough everywhere, one time. We made turtle gooey bars and Christmas cookies. I enjoyed the time with her and look forward to Gracen joining us in the years to come.
Here is a picture of Gene's mom and dad with the girls. We go to their house on Christmas Eve. We eat supper and have some desserts and then spend time opening presents.

When we get back home, we all get into our pajamas and snuggle around Gene as he reads the Christmas story and Twas the Night Before Christmas. We also have a family prayer time. We put cookies and milk out for Santa and head to bed.

Here is a picture of Reagan on Christmas morning. She absolutely loves to dress up. She is so girly and adores make-up and jewelry and anything Disney Princess. Santa brought her a vanity set for her room with plenty of make-up and jewelry. She went and put on her Ariel costume and had a ball sitting in front of her little mirror.Here is Gracen on Christmas morning. She is sitting among all the trash from the morning. She received several new toys, but of course, loved the bows and paper more than anything.

Gene's mom and dad live very close to us and they always come out on Christmas morning to see what the girls got. We had a good visit and I was able to get breakfast going because I had
some extra hands.

On Christmas night we head over to my mom and dad's favorite place to go on Christmas, with my favorite people, my family. Below is a picture of my parents.
Here is a picture of my older sister Lori and her husband Scott. They are church planters in Tuscaloosa. They started a contemporary church called North River Church that God is blessing by leaps and bounds. You can check out the church at and I know they would love for you to visit if you are ever in the Tuscaloosa area. Just tell them Lesley sent you and you will get a front row seat.

Here is Lori with her firstborn, Ariel. Aren't they pretty? So hard to believe that she is 17 years old. Where does the time go?

Here is Lori's second child, Dean, rolling around on the floor with my children. They all really enjoy each other when they are able to get together.

Here is my younger sister, Lindsay with her hubby Brian and their little girl, Hayden....another pretty family. God has really blessed our clan.

Here is a close up shot of little Miss Hayden. She is 3 weeks younger than my Gracen and I know they will be good friends as they grow up.

Here is a sweet shot of my Gracen. She is laying on her stomach trying to crawl. Again, she is after all the wrapping paper and bows.
And here is a picture of our little family. I felt so blessed to be a family of four this year. Our Christmas season couldn't have been better.


  1. Great photos - We had a wonderful time too. Only wish I could have visited with everyone more, but since Hayden had been sick, my hands were full the entire time. Thanks for posting, love you.