Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

We had a great weekend as a family. I'll start with Friday, which is not technically the weekend but it was a nice kick-off to the weekend for me. My mother-in-law called around 9:30 and asked if she could pick up both of my girls for a little while. "Ummmm, let me think about that....YES!" Anyway, I was not expecting to have a free hour or two, and was in the middle of trying to clean my floors around my children....which is just about impossible. When she arrived, she said that she was going to keep them until 1:00. I wanted to break out into a dance, but refrained. At 1:00 she brought Gracen home because she was ready for her nap and told me she was going to keep Reagan. I am immediately thinking about the next 2 hours of freedom I am about to enjoy while Gracen sleeps.

What a treat!

It gets better, too!

That afternoon she said she wanted to have Reagan spend the night and if I wanted to go meet Gene for dinner and spend some time with him, she would get Gracen too. If I want to.....are you kidding me? At this point, I was thinking to myself, "Who are you and where is my mother-in-law?" She told me to call her as soon as Gracen woke up and she would come on and get her. Gracen woke up around 3:30. I feed her a snack, packed Reagan's overnight bag and called their Gran. I was child-free by 4:00.

Gene and I had a nice dinner out and spend some time just walking around Kirklands and Target. I loved every free minute we had.

On Saturday morning, I took Reagan to Lifeway for their Princess Day event. They had several princess activities and snacks in honor of a new Veggie Tale movie about being God's little princess. We also ran over to Kohl's and bought some back to school clothes and finished with lunch at Chick-Fil-A. Oh, and did I mention that my MIL asked to keep Gracen so I could just spend time with Reagan...I know, crazy!

Saturday afternoon I helped give a baby shower at my church for Kristin Lanier. It was a lot of fun and I ate too many cucumber sandwiches.

By the time I got home, it was time for dinner, baths, and bedtime.

We had a wonderful Sunday at EMBC. I always look forward to Sunday because it is just like being with family....and that is a good thing because I love my family.

Until next time...

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  1. Wow - I must say that I am very jealous of your weekend. It sounds just heavenly!