Thursday, August 12, 2010

A New Best Friend

We had a traumatic event at our house not too long ago that I have failed to mention. Reagan lost her beloved "Teddy". This was a pink blanket style teddy bear that she received as a baby at one of my baby showers. She has slept with that thing for over 4 years and we recently lost it. I think we left it at the beach, but who knows. It still could turn up somewhere in the future.

The first week after losing Teddy was very difficult. Reagan continually asked for it with tears and we continually assured her that Teddy would show up and for now she could sleep with one of her other stuffed animals...which she did. She stressed it wasn't the same, but complied and slept with either a cat or a lamb, both of which were gifts as well.

This little nighttime scenario has continued for almost 2 months. She recently asked to go pick out a new Teddy and we went to Target and Wal-Mart and looked at the stuffed animals. I commend her for knowing exactly what she was looking for because no stuffed animal at either store was good enough. She saw nothing she even came close to wanting to buy. Over the last week or so she has really been asking for a new sleep buddy, and I thought maybe Build-A-Bear workshop would fit the bill. My mother had mentioned doing this in the past, but I kept putting it off because honestly it just seems a little pricey for a stuffed bear, not to mention all the accessories that go with it.

Well, yesterday I finally caved and took Reagan to this famous money pit. She absolutely loved the entire experience. We all had a great time and I am proud to say that Reagan has a new best friend. Here are some pictures from our day.

Here we are at the beginning of the process.

Here is Reagan right after picking out which Teddy she would "adopt". This took her at least 20 minutes. She is very indecisive, but finally settled on a pink and yellow teddy that she named Pearl. Don't you love the way Reagan poses for the camera.

Here she is listening to the lady and rubbing Pearl's heart on her cheek. She then kissed the heart and placed it inside Pearl's body.

Reagan still listening...
My mom watching the process...

Stuffing the body....

Fluffing the body... This was followed by brushing her fur which I failed to take a picture of.

Here is Reagan dressing Pearl. She picked out a pretty princess dress with matching shoes. Picking out the clothes was really an ordeal. I know it took her 30 minutes to make up her mind, but she was really pleased with her final choice.

Hugging Pearl once she was dressed.

The finished product complete with bows on each ear...

The store was giving away free Messenger bags with any $25.00 purchase to carry the new teddy around. We definitely spent more than $25.00, so Reagan got a "free" bag and has loved it as well. I think they should have thrown in lunch too for what I spent in there. Doesn't she look so grown up in this picture?

And in case you're wondering what Gracen was doing during all of this...
She was running wide open throughout the store, going from rack to rack. Thank goodness my mom was there to help with her. (I left her shoes in the car.)
Gracen was walking around like she owned the place. She really thought we were in there for her.
We truly had a fun day. Reagan has carried her bear around constantly. Of course I realize that it hasn't even been 24 hours yet and only time will tell if the money spent was worth it, but so far so good. She gave Pearl a tour of our house when we arrived home, insisted on having her in the car on the way to church and back yesterday, watched TV with her once we arrived home, and of course slept with her. She has kept her by her side all morning and now she has taken her to visit Gran and Paw Paw.
On a negative note....last night she complained that Pearl didn't have any PJ's to put on and this morning she wanted shorts and a shirt to put on her for outside clothes.....Ugh! Life is perfectly orchestrated to take every dollar I have!
Until next time...


  1. 2 comments:
    1. EBAY for the pajamas - just type in build a bear clothes pajamas and a great selection comes up - I will even get Reagan a pair if she would like something from "Ariel".

    2. Shocked that you let Gracen run around bare foot - me,, never would have guessed. I guess this is proof that a second child changes you!

  2. Looks like you had fun! We have MULTIPLE bears/dino/monkeys/etc from Build-A-Bear! Did you sign up for their club thing? I get coupons in the mail from time to time & will let the boys go pick out a new outfit for a current animal we already have. The store will put a tag on the animal we bring in & then they can pick out a new outfit! Typically it's $10 off a purchase of $25 or something & that's easy to spend just on outfits!