Sunday, May 9, 2010


About Thursday night, I realized that I had not blogged since Tuesday morning. What can I say, it was a pretty busy week. It seems like every single day brought something else that needed to be done to prepare for Gracen's birthday party on Saturday.

On Wednesday, I left the house at 8:00 and returned home around 12:30. I went to buy some last minute party items, Gracen's birthday gift, some graduation gifts, and 2 mother's day gifts. All the in and out of various stores is not so quick with a baby in tow. When we arrived home, I had to make lunch for the girls and then we played outside until it was Gracen's nap time. Once I finally got Gracen down, I had some cleaning that had to be done, and before I knew it was time to leave for church. We leave around 4:30 and we don't get back home until about 8:00 or so.

On Thursday, I took the girls to the zoo. I met 5 other moms from my church and of course, they all brought their children. We really had a good time walking and talking, talking and walking. Again, we were gone most of the day. We were home for a few hours and then headed over to our local Chick-Fil-A where there was a benefit to raise money for Beverly Easley. She is a member of our church, a mother of 8 children and she has a recurrence of breast cancer. It is bad this time and she is being sent to MD Anderson in Texas for some experimental treatments. Chick-Fil-A offered to give a proceedof all sales to the Easley family to cover some of their expenses. Our church is praying for a Red Sea kind of miracle for this sweet and godly family.

Gene and I started to not to go to the restaurant because it is a 25 minutes drive for us one way. We make that drive a lot going back and forth to church. It was fine when it was just the two of us, but not always so convenient with two little ones. Anyway, we were just going to make a donation to the cause, but, at the last minute, we decided to go and I am so glad we did. I was blown away by all the people that were there. It was standing room only. There were no tables available, all the cashiers had long lines of people waiting to order their food, the parking lot and all the surrounding parking lots were full, and there were two long lines waiting for the drive thru. I was simply amazed. Chick-Fil-A broke all sales records over the course of the day. That is a sure God thing. And I have to say, it felt really good to just be a part of it, to be a part of a community effort to help someone else. We enjoyed our time together as a family, and we enjoyed talking to our extended church family, as most of them were there.

On Friday, I did my normal routine of taking Reagan to school at 8:30 and picking her back up at 11:30. Of course, I had to run back to Wal-Mart because I forgot a few things when I was out on Wednesday. I cleaned some more on Friday afternoon, and then I went with my mother-in-law to the Holtville fair....and yes, it was exciting as it sounds. We met my niece and nephew, Abby and Jacob, and the kids really did have a great time.

On Saturday, it was party day. Gene cleaned up the outside and I cleaned up the inside, as best I could between the needs of the two girls. Before I knew it, it was 5:00, party time and that is where I am going to leave you tonight.......

We had a fantastic party for little Miss Gracen and I will post those pictures tomorrow.

Until then,

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