Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Few Summer Photos

This is just a post of pictures really. These are just random shots around our house, enjoying each other, and the beautiful weather. We really like being home and we really like being outside. We live in our yard during the summer.

Here is Gene and Gracen walking on our front walkway. What a precious shot of them. Gracen is on the move and now that she has this walking thing figured out, she wants to walk constantly. We circle the house repeatedly. This gets a little monotonous, but I guess it's good exercise.

Gracen finally made it up the walkway and now she is trying to figure out these stairs. She would climb up and down these 3 steps for hours if we let her.

Here is Reagan sitting on the steps. Like I said, we are just hanging out.
Reagan's favorite tree.
The rest of the pictures are around the blow-up pool in the backyard. Reagan lives in her swimsuit all day long. Actually she wears about 3 or 4 different swimsuits everyday.
Here she is playing with her cousin Jacob. They are the same age and really enjoy playing together.

Popsicle break

Gracen joined the fun after her morning nap. I don't let her "swim" with guests here because there is just too much splashing going on for her to really enjoy it or for me to feel comfortable letting her in.
Constantly walking
Here is Reagan on a different day. She turned Gracen's pool into her own little boat.

Different day...playing with a water gun.

Taking a break for the camera. And the pool clearly needs some air.
Gracen wasn't too sure about the water and never really got in the pool. Even with me sitting in there with her, she was trying to climb out. She really likes to take a bath though...go figure.
Aunt Lindsay gave Gracen this monogrammed swimsuit for her birthday. Isn't it adorable?

Playing with Reagan's CD player.....we like to listen to music while we are outside sunning.
Can anyone say, "Where is our hairbrush?" Wow!
First time this summer in a big pool. Her eyes are as blue as that water.

That's all for now. Just wanted to share some of what we have been doing around here.
Tomorrow I hope to share some more from the book of 2 Peter. I have been reading it over and over again. Good stuff.
Until then....

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